Suggestions how to take care of the third round to avoid acne to satisfy the bikini shape drop on the sea

You used to be afraid to wear a bikini just because of 'acne.'

Not only is it annoying for women in the front, the acne sometimes persists in the buttocks, causing pain and discomfort. We often ignore it because there is a layer of protective clothing, but can you "pretend" until you wear a bikini? Instead of avoiding them, keep in mind the following tips and apply them to have a smoother triangle.

Do not wear tight clothing, close your body

Sports tights can show off your body's curves and 'coolness' but it is also the culprit that makes acne grow more in your buttocks. Spandex, nylon or polyester have good elasticity, so they are popular in practice and include daily activities. But because this is a material that doesn't absorb sweat, it clogs pores, which makes it easier to get acne, so you need to consider it.

In addition, the internal medicine is also "hand in hand" equally for acne raging. The contour of the panties when rubbed with the skin for a long time can also damage the sensitive and darkened skin. So, choose cool cotton material for underwear and if possible, switch to slacks instead of casual pants during acne treatment to achieve good results.

Clean bath immediately after heavy exercise

Sweat, dirt is easy to collect under the pores that block and form acne, not only in the buttocks but also other parts of the body. Arrange for you a reasonable schedule to be able to relax and relax right away instead of going to the market, going back to the bath. You should prioritize lightweight and hygroscopic materials that are good for both inside and outside of acne.

Do not rub too hard

You cannot expect that exfoliating can solve this pimple. Many people believe that as much as possible to remove with salt or coffee grounds. This is a misconception. On the contrary, they only cause dryness and make the skin become more sensitive and your acne status can range from mild to severe changes.

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However, this does not mean that you will completely remove the scrub on the shelf but instead exfoliate gently with a soft towel or bath towel.

Shower gel contains Benzoyl Peroxide

Facial products are sometimes useful for the lower body. Ignoring severe acne, if there are only a few minor spots or whiteheads, you can completely rely on benzoyl peroxide.

Benzoyl peroxide is a medicinal ingredient in treating acne by clearing dirt that clogs pores and prevents inflammation from occurring. You can easily find this shower gel in large pharmacies in the form of soap or liquid cakes, depending on your consumption habits. Note, benzoyl peroxide 10% is the appropriate concentration for body skin.

Cream containing Lactic acid

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Lactic acid is an AHA form, in addition to being found in dairy products, they are also found in honey. Lactic acid helps skin smooth by eliminating dead cells without causing skin irritation like other types. After showering in the evening and applying the treatment, you can continue with this lotion to replenish essential nutrients for rough, rough areas not only on the buttocks, but also for the hands and knees. , foot.

Consult your doctor The buttocks are mostly caused by long sitting habits and not clean, but they will also easily 'withdraw' after only 3-4 weeks of treatment. On the other hand, if you have 'tried' yourself in any way at home, the situation is still not better, perhaps you need to see a doctor.

Especially for those who appear red pimples and pimples with pus, this is a sign of folliculitis and the need to do is see a dermatologist for proper treatment.

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