Taking care of the unique way no one does, Han Ye Seul still possesses desirable skin

Han Ye Seul is 39 years old this year, but if someone thinks she is only about 27-28 years old, it is understandable. Because, Han Ye Seul is much younger than reality and she always holds an unstoppable position in the list of non-Korean beauties. Han Ye Seul's youthful beauty challenges the time, making people curious about the way she looks. And not letting people wait, recently, Han Ye Seul has revealed how the actress skincare in the morning through a vlog.

Before sharing about the morning skincare process, Han Ye Seul revealed a shocking truth, that she didn't wash her face the night before. Even, this "laziness" often happens but Han Ye Seul's skin is fine. The reason is probably because Han Ye Seul has a beautiful and healthy skin, but even so, the actress shared that she still had to try her best to take care of her skin in the morning to make up for her "ruining" skin at night. the day before.

Han Ye Seul's morning process starts with a face wash, and she massages well to remove impurities, helping the skin become clean and clear.

After that, Han Ye Seul applied toner and this action will help provide instant moisture to the skin, and clean up the remnants that face wash steps can not handle.

Han Ye Seul very hard to apply serum / ampoule, this product creates a great stepping stone for her to take the next step - masking paper.

After peeling off the paper mask, Han Ye Seul will finish the skin care process with essence, moisturizer and get a perfect bare face like this .

How to take care of the skin of beautiful women of Korean age has many holes, such as: not cleansing the skin in the evening (the wrong habit that experts and doctors never expect you to encounter); or Han Ye Seul didn't mention applying sunscreen in the morning .

However, you can still learn some good points in Han Ye Seul's skincare way, such as: applying hard serum (serum / ampoule), covering paper mask to provide more moisture to the skin. , and don't forget to lock the essence of previous skincare products with lotion.

After identifying the pros and cons of Han Ye Seul skincare process, hopefully you have gained a lot of experience to be able to improve your skin effectively and reasonably. Best.