Thank you Acne 'miracle' with cabbage vegetables

Causes of acne thank you

The influence from the environment: when going off the road too much smoke and dust clinging to the pores, if no skin hygiene, the pores will be gridlock and easy form of acne, ease inflammation swelling.

Acne bacteria: Propionibacterium acnes plays an important role in Acne triggers due to creation of free fatty acids and cause inflammation of the hair follicle sebaceous glands.

Cabbage contains more vitamin A and E help thank you acne skin smooth.

Increased sebum secretion: acne formation is due to the change of the amount of the hormone in the body can lead to stimulate the sebaceous glands secrete more oil. When lubricating oil mixed with dead skin cells without toilets will sealing pores, plus the resident bacteria on the skin surface will cause acne.

The effects of androgens from the male reproductive endocrine glands, male (testis, ovary) and adrenal glands: thyroid hormone and growth hormone also affects the sick fish eggs.

Thank you acne vegetable with cabbage

Cabbage contains more vitamin A and E help acne skin acne, smooth bran that also improve your skin glow health and prevent back acne. In addition, cabbage also contains many antioxidant compounds and iron help pinky skin, anti aging skin.

How: for skin care, acne treatment thank you take root, you use cabbage juice to make masks for skin or processing of the delicious vegetables from the cabbage family. A dish is recommended boiled cabbage because it's just a cool bar back to ensure no waste of nutrients.=