The food ' Declaration of war ' with obesity

1. Broccoli

Xải cotton green, also known as cauliflower is one of the most common vegetables used in the beauty and weight loss. Eat broccoli not the skin but also help you lose weight effectively. Broccoli can be processed into many dishes for you to change the menu and maintain long-term weight loss plan. Broccoli is rich in fibre and nutrients of foods with nutrients, helps for weight loss by increasing the feeling of no stomach and from there you eat less.

2. Avocado

Is one of the very few fruits have no cholesterol, which again contains a single fat not peace, this is the kind of good fats for the body help giãm cholesterol and obesity prevention effectiveness, are suitable for the weight loss.

Avocados contain high protein content than most other fruit, almost equivalent to the high milk. Additionally, avocados also have low salt, high fiber, high lutein content, there is a natural carotenoid compounds help bright eyes and maintain a beautiful skin. A fat found in olive oil, nuts and avocado is the "weapon" that help reduce weight in a natural way.

3. Salmon live

Like butter, saturated fats are beneficial to health, provides a protein necessary for the body. The salmon not only help increase the health which also has cardiac effects thanks to effective weight loss ingredients in omega-3 fats have the effect of strengthening the activity of insulin, increasing the amount of muscle and reduce fat from the abdomen. Once the body has more muscle then reduces fat and makes the body more compact.

4. live Oysters

Oysters are considered nutritious foods and best for health. Oysters provide less energy but contain more vitamin A, zinc, iron, and calcium. You can mix the oysters to shellfish to increase weight loss taste like the sea. Oyster meat nutritious carbohydrates and protein, due to a small amount of fat, and abundant vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C, D.v.v..

In the oysters also many minerals necessary for the body, such as zinc, magnesium, calcium, copper, iron, manganese, phosphorus, iodine, potassium, sodium. In addition, due to the low cholesterol, oysters are suitable for dieters to lose weight.

5. Coconut oil

Coconut oil contain saturated fat, and more than half of which is derived from lauric acid – the only lipid to fight bacteria and improve cholesterol levels. Lipids are added in the diet from coconut oil really do lose fat belly. One or two tablespoons of coconut oil daily to help eat quick weight and waist shrink. Coconut oil helps increase metabolism, burn excess fat very efficiently.

Not only that, the use of coconut oil for some time longer to feel less fatigue, sickness, it is thanks to coconut oil helps increase resistance to the body, helping to smooth skin, more fresh. The best way to use coconut oil for weight loss is to use it in food. Here is how to use coconut oil is very popular to get natural weight loss process.

6. Cinnamon

The main benefits of cinnamon is directly effective for metabolism. Cinnamon create heat, make your metabolism works overtime to maintain body temperature. Add more calories will be burned during the process known as the heat. This process forced the body to use fat reserves to operate, leading to more fat consumption. In addition, cinnamon helps burn the entire amount of glucose into the body to enhance the metabolic process and help you to consume more calories. T

pig medical research organization non-profit Mayo Clinic, U.s.a., cinnamon has positive influence onto the body using method and stored in sugar and fat. It also stimulates the production of insulin, reducing the appetite, reduce blood sugar, lower cholesterol, boost the immune system and help prevent obesity, insulin resistance and syndrome related to metabolism.

7. Coffee

Refer to the cafe people often think of a type of drink to help awake but also its bad influence to your skin. But in fact the caffeine in coffee will help blood fatty acid metabolized the easy energy consumption, in other words, a cup of coffee can promote fat burning in the body. That is, if drink properly café you can lose fat, bring a compact physique. 30-60 minutes after a meal, use a cup of coffee without sugar.

A cup of black coffee after dinner will help you lose excess fat, help the amount of fat to accumulate in the body is burned faster. However, those suffering from indigestion, insomnia, should not drink coffee in the evening. You also should not drink café at hungry to avoid stomach ulcers.

However, these foods need to be combined in a healthy diet, no junk food, no fat ... and especially sports exercise regularly, gives us not only a balanced body but also a healthy body.=