The hairstyle that conceals 99% of the defects of the big round face is her favorite

As a woman, everyone wants to own a delicate and sweet balanced face. But not everyone is so lucky. Those who own a big round face often have low self-esteem and wonder how to fix this defect, please refer to the hairstyles below. Because hair stylists are sure that these styles will help you "hide" 99% of the defects of a big round face.

1. Hair vic combined with rain or flat roof

It can be said that vic hair is the "savior" No. 1 for big and round faces because of its unquestionable facial and jaw-tightness. Hair vic is usually about the same length as the jaw or on the shoulders. Hair will be trimmed from short to long in the direction from the nape to the chin.

This hairstyle will hug both parts of the jaw as well as your cheeks so it will help your face slimmer significantly. Moreover, combining this hairstyle with a flat or rainy roof will help your appearance become much sweeter and younger. Color tips for this hairstyle, you should dye fashion colors such as cold brown or caramel brown to help brighten your appearance.

2. Curly curly bob hair style

Bob hair will also be one of the best choices for girls who want to hide their "round" face. With normal hair, if you just cut bob, your hair will be spiked out immediately looking extremely unsightly, so combine the short layer to create a layer that will help the hair look thicker and more cropped.

The short bob cut and frizzy or C-style will hold your face and reduce the area significantly. The frizz will be extremely helpful in helping your face look extremely neat and sweet.

If this hairstyle you want to traditional black, combine with choker ring will form a cool gothic style. And you are sweet sweet girl, choose light hair color like western brown or coral orange.

3. Curly hair

And if you are a follower of long hair, then "buy" yourself for a simple curly wave that brings a very good aesthetic effect. Perhaps curly wave is not strange to many people because of its basic and beautiful.

Special note to those who own a big round face that absolutely do not make small curly hair because it will reveal all the defects on your face. Big curly hair is the concealer hairstyle of a great round face.

Big ripples create a solid effect on your round face. From there, your face looks much more neat and sharpened. Especially curly hair also helps you to look gentle, feminine and extremely elegant.

4. Hair layer with flipped hair

Girls have a big round face if you don't try to fling and layer hair once in a lifetime, that's wrong. The roof is made to overcome the shortcomings of a round face. This roof will be the length of the jaw line and then it will be bent very quickly.

After curling this part of the bangs will be understood as two concealed "blinds" along the two halves of your face, reducing the face area significantly. Combining with trimmed hair, you will look both trendy and elegant.