The important notes to treat acne successfully, they should lie down

1. Wash your face properly

No one can choose to mess with a type of facial cleanser, the person with acne is not. It is the cleansers that cause dry skin (which you often mistakenly think that they help your skin reduce oil) will make the skin produce more oil, thereby making acne difficult to control. To reduce acne and prevent acne, do not use a cleanser that contains too much hardened exfoliating granules, do not use synthetic flavorings or contain benzoyl peroxide. Choose mild products, with relative moisturizing capabilities.

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2. No need to use acne cream too expensive

You do not need to be sad if you do not have enough money to go to the big beauty salon. You only need to go for a dermatological examination and ask your doctor for advice to use appropriate affordable acne medications or creams. Currently, there are some acne creams that contain ingredients such as LHA, fac-resorcinol or ferulic acid that help treat acne and reduce acne scars very effectively, the price is not expensive.

3. You can take birth control pills to reduce acne

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Birth control pills can help balance hormones, thereby reducing acne. You can also try different types of birth control pills until you find the right anti-acne response. However, this requires you to be very patient, as you may have to apply persistence for 4 months or more to see the results. Should be combined with medications or external creams containing salicylic acid to treat acne most effectively.

4. Choose the right sunscreen

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Some sunscreens can clog pores, causing acne. Choose a sunscreen for oily, acne-free, oily (free-oil) or non-flavored skin to protect your skin in the best way.

5. Do not wear makeup when exercising

Exercising to lose weight and maintain health is a good habit, but it must be done in parallel with skin and hair care habits, otherwise it will affect your beauty a lot. You try to spend 5 minutes to remove makeup and clean your face before starting a training class. If you leave the foundation cream to block the skin, sweat cannot escape, the pores will not be open, and the bacteria will proliferate causing acne prone skin and pores.

6. Always keep your body clean

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After exercising or just returning from the sunny street, you should sit down and let your sweat dry before you take a bath. During the break, you should also remove sweaty clothes, especially tight-fitting sports clothes. This prevents bacteria and sebum from being 'locked up' into your pores, reducing the risk of acne and skin irritation.

7. Eat and drink in moderation

Do not pay attention to the application of cream to treat acne from the outside, but eating also greatly affects the skin. Eat lots of green vegetables and brightly colored fruits and vegetables, provide plenty of antioxidants and reduce acne on the skin. Do not eat too much milk sugar and do not abuse antibiotics, these products can make acne more difficult to treat. And of course, don't forget the standard 8 glasses of water a day.

8. Every item that comes in contact with skin must be kept clean

Many of your usual habits that can cause acne, such as wearing dirty headphones, can cause acne to grow around your forehead. The more girls listen to music when exercising, the more attention they need to get to this problem, because the sweat around the ear can cause skin infections. Prepare a wet paper pack in your bag, regularly clean your headphones, phone face. Remember to regularly clean pillows and masks, which are easy to cause acne products if not kept hygienic.

9. Prepare psychological stability

Don't expect acne on your face to disappear overnight. This process can last for a year, requiring patience and trust in yourself, not being self-deprecating when looking in the mirror or comparing with other girls. Not everyone has smooth, innate skin, please recognize your needs and adjust for reasonable. And until the acne has disappeared, still maintain good habits to maintain beautiful, durable and healthy skin.

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