Thin-haired girls should wear a new hairstyle?

Women all want to own a thick, floating and healthy hair, but not everyone is so lucky. There are often many causes of thinning hair. It could be due to negative effects due to polluted environment, ultraviolet rays, haze, it may also be due to improper hair care or genetics.

But do not be too worried about inferiority because the society is increasingly civilized and with it is the continuous development of beauty industry, especially hair fashion. There are many options that are both suitable and beautiful for thinning hair.

1. Short layer hair hug the back of the neck

This hairstyle has been positively trended by Korean stars and it has caused a fever throughout Asia throughout the past 2019. Thanks to the layering layer, your short hair will look thicker and more neat. This hairstyle does not have a great use in addressing thinning hair but it also has an extremely high fashion effect.

If you combine this hairstyle with a 2: 3 turn or a thin, rainy roof, you will look ten years old. Especially combine this hairstyle with colors that match your style, "substance" as you like the retro classic, let black and you follow the urban direction, dye light colors like brownish brown , brown moss.

2. Choppy bob

Many people probably do not hear much about this hairstyle because choppy bob hair is more popular in Western countries. It is a variation of the traditional bob hairstyle, but the hair is divided and trimmed in many layers, thereby creating a bulge to help the hair look significantly thicker.

With this hairstyle, you should combine with the curly, light wave or inflate hair roots to help hair achieve the best aesthetic effect. Especially with the stylish, trendy hair, you should dye choppy bob with bright colors like brownish brown with some light fibers that will look extremely "cool" and attract the eyes.

3. Curly wavy hair

The most attractive hairstyle for thin-haired sisters is the straight and curly hairstyle because these styles will make the upper hair close to the face and expose the empty space on the head. If you are a loyal fan of long hair, then check out this wavy curly hairstyle.

This style is curly but it is transverse and has a very high smoothness. These ripples are gentle but help the hair to look more fluffy and thicker. This hairstyle is also very helpful in filling skinny faces that makes the feminine look, delicate and sweet.

4. Hair layer curl C

If you like both long hair and the simplicity of not having to "touch" the hair a lot, refer to this layer C hairstyle with curly curly layers. Trimming the hair layer and dividing it into multiple layers will create an effect that helps your hair look more fluffy.

In order to avoid having a lot of trimmed hair, you will often fray, so do not curl gently curled the tail with a C shape that is both beautiful and not damaged.