Tip when bathing in winter help quick skin white

Not too long ago bath

The water will wash away natural oil on the body and cause your skin to become dry. So do not ever too bath 30 min. It is best to only 10-15 minute bath. Especially in winter, when the dry cheeks than normal then you should not shower for too long.

You should select the appropriate bath temperature.

Use bath oils

Chemical SOAP will make your skin dryness although it feels cleaner is because bath oil after bath oil, skin oily greasy herself you see. But in fact chemical soaps contain ingredients that are not good for the skin, leaving the sealed pores, not breathing and did not provide the necessary moisture to the skin. So please exercise routines using bath oils.

The bath water temperature from 24-29 degrees

The temperature of the water is not too hot, because the temperature of the water bath is too high would break the oil substance on the skin surface, causing blooming pores, increases the skin's dryness level. Best bath time is 10-15 minutes, 30 minutes to the bath should not.

Especially those of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, if too hot bath water will make for increased blood pressure, heart palpitations, adding to the burden of heart blood the brain at the same time increase the viscosity of the blood.

Should a bath after the finish, the 2

After each meal, the body needs to focus a significant amount of blood to digestive system. If away go bath, can affect digestion by digestive blood sugar does not flow enough, causing the gastrointestinal disease peptic. In addition, due to the brain, heart blood supply enough not easy leading to cardiovascular complications.

So whether it's winter or summer, we shouldn't shower right after dinner. Best bath time is 1 hour before meal or two hours after eating.

Do not use SOAP daily

Use regular SOAP makes your skin dryness because it does not provide for skin moisturizers such as bath oils. You should only use SOAP to cleanse the skin areas are dirty or the armpit to ensure hygiene. Absolutely do not use SOAP for hands, feet and face.=