Tips to cure acne finish thank you

Causes of acne thank you

Anxiety stress levels too cause increased secretion of the hormones, which leads to bad weather increase the sebaceous glands cause acne thank you.

Hor-mon quick development and reproductive activity, stimulates the increase of excessive secretion of the sebaceous glands on the surface of the skin through pores, this is opportunity factors causing congestion and inflammation condition arises.Causes of acne thank you

Anxiety stress levels too cause increased secretion of the hormones, which leads to increased condition more sebaceous glands. Night sleep and rest the body almost totally, the activities of the body a break so the process of removing the substance scum body also slowed, but do not sleep, active substances, removing scum of the body continued to rise, this is the element of chance leads to the formation of acne thank you.

Biochemical activity in the body produces substances that scum, toxins in the body can suffer gastrointestinal disorders like constipation, slow boring waste dregs out so the process increase the secretion of sebaceous glands sweat must be increased and this led to the formation of acne thank you.

Spicy food, hot like alcohol, coffee, tobacco, pepper, peppers ... the liver does not metabolize and wiped up the toxins in the body, leading to Acne condition stagnant thank you.

The dust, the smoke ... clinging to the skin surface cause foot hole bits long, the secretion of sebum congestion and lead to Acne formation condition thank you and inflammation.

Moulding pimples cause bad BOI cosmetics abuse; infections cause allergies; occupational exposure to toxic chemicals ...

How to treat acne with natural rolling

Spanish conversation-honey  

Spanish conversation used very well in treating acne.

Use 100 g fresh passion, 10 g of honey malt. Spanish conversation leaves washed, finely chopped, for the pot. Pour 500 ml of water into the boiler heat until boiling. Then continue to simmer low heat for 15 minutes. Use the solution was prepared so to up up the face.

Ice cold

Stone has the effect of reducing the inflammatory syndrome or the redness caused by acne stains, don't just stop there, stone can help shrink pores. When swelling Acne to back redness, you get stone cold put up acne, the redness will quickly melt away.   Potatoes  Considered one of the acne treatment way thank you at the most effective in the vegetables. You prepare a potato and cut each sliced up and rub the surface of about 30 minutes.


Bananas help push back acne thank you effectively.

With just half a banana, a spoonful of flour, egg whites and chicken. Cut the banana into small pieces then spoon the flour for 1 blind into the egg whites into the Blender to grind.

Take the mixture out and then up onto the surface for about 15 minutes then rinse with water in the hamlet. Make a row here to quickly see results.

Dental dam and water wash the rice

Wash the rice water normally works help foot hole snugly and astringent effects acne prevention effective bran that í tai. After you wash the rice water sedimentation to take the residue white flour mixed with the resin of the tasteful passion leaves and then obliterate this box up the joint in the evening before going to sleep the morning wake up, wash with warm water.

Mint leaves

Mint leaves bring small cut into the presses, every night before going to bed you get this water up onto the surface of about 45 minutes, then rinse with water as you can thank you extreme acne effectively.=