Tips to treat Melasma, freckles effectively with tomatoes

Women do not only use tomatoes to taste and nutrition for the family meals, they also use tomato face mask for skin care. Tomatoes contain many types of vitamins are good for the skin such as C, E, and carotene vitamin C groups, potassium, iron ... It is also the kind of result contain high antioxidant content should be able to maintain her youth. Just drink tomato juice also helps you improve your skin very much. When the tomatoes are cooked will lose the nutritious vitamins. Use tomato to facial beauty will bring great results that you cannot come.

How to treat Melasma, freckles with tomatoes

Tomato face mask, oatmeal

In the tomato contains many beneficial vitamins for the skin are also incredibly rich again oatmeal nutrition.

In the tomato contains many beneficial vitamins for the skin are also incredibly rich again oatmeal nutrition. In addition to the familiar food, it also helps women used Scrubs. How to treat freckles make this mix tape is simple: tomato juice mix with oatmeal pureed form liquid mixture. DAB evenly over the skin freckles in about 20 minutes. Then rinse with water. Done 2 times/week. Freckles treatment by tomato and oatmeal are effective in extreme fast because it easily defeated the small spots and pigmentation stains deep in the skin without worry are allergic.

Tomato honey mask

Retrieved 2 tomatoes give up shells, seeds removed, finely beams mixed with a teaspoon of honey. The island are for mixed matches, up up in 20 minutes. This type of mask just faint freckles, skin whitening lightening. This way is also very good for those who have dry skin. Honey helps retain moisture longer tomatoes will help white. Done 2 times/week in round 1 , you will see unexpected results.

Tomato juice

Tomatoes worth lightening freckles, high efficiency.

Take the 1-2 grind tomatoes into additional vitamins on daily menu will help skin glow, fade freckles.

Tomatoes and fresh milk

Retrieved 1 grilled tomatoes, mixed with fresh milk according to the ratio of 1:1, using cotton soaked in this solution apply to the face, to within 20-30 minutes, then wash your face with warm water. Fresh tomato combined with milk to form a mixture containing many nutrients that help brighten the skin, smooth skin. Ongoing 2-3 times a week within 2 months you will see results.  

Some note when using tomatoes

Don't eat the unripe tomatoes may cause poisoning.

Tomatoes contain a lot of pectin and phenolic resins and other components. So. If eating tomatoes at hungry, these substances can easily react with acid-making form insoluble Bureau, upset stomach.

Should not drink tomato juice after eating cucumbers would reduce nutrients in tomatoes.=