Underarm treatment effectiveness with betel leaf

Underarm odor makes you lose confidence.

Betel is widely cultivated plants and features grows very fast. Betel in betel leaf contains quite a lot of minerals, vitamin C, sugar and essential oils.

Vitamin C in betel leaf has the effect of making white light and se closed pores. Essential oil in a betel leaf in the science group has strong antibiotic properties of phenols, antiseptic and inhibits various bacteria. Therefore, betel leaves no use deodorants and underarm treatment is quite effective.

Treatment of underarm with betel

Taking betel leaf wash, pounding for finely crushed, then rub it on underarms every bath and can also get upset that up into the armpit. If persistence made this way, you can restrict underarm odor is gone a lot. If done in a long time, it will eliminate underarm odor is.

Underarm treatment combined with betel-leaf ginger

Betel leaf helps treat underarm efficiently.

Of ginger root juice after crushing interplay associated with excess betel pounding ragged obliterate into the armpit. How regularly will help eliminate odors, dry, airy and pleasant help for armpits.

Lemon juice combined with betel leaf

Fresh lime with betel has antiseptic effect is very effective. Do in a month will see visibly effective.=