Wearing a mask but do not want to float makeup, please apply the following

Wash your face clean

There is an unwritten rule that facial skin must be clean before applying makeup. Do not foolish to apply any kind of foundation cream on the face of oil, excess dirt, if you do not want to be a little acne in the following days. Anyway, your face wants to be beautiful to be clean first.

Use moisturizer when makeup

One of the tips to keep makeup lasting and soft is to use a moisturizer or lotion before applying. Do not save a few minutes for the cream to penetrate into the skin, this helps maintain the skin in conditions of moisture, soft, perfect, so that the makeup layer penetrates deeply, penetrates into the skin naturally without fear of mold or flying fast .

Choose the right background product

In makeup, foundation plays the most important role. Makeup foundation is a basic step, creating a foundation for a better makeup layer, especially when you want to apply makeup for a long time, you should choose the appropriate foundation. It is recommended that the right foundation for the rainy season will be in the form of a liquid cream and have a waterproofing feature built in. Besides, you should also note that the tone of the foundation is darker than the actual skin. The reason is that when touching the water, the substrate will tend to light up a tone.

For concealer, choose a cream and Czech skin color scheme. Lastly, apply an oil-control base to ensure that the grease on the skin does not wash off the substrate even before the rain comes.

Waterproof eye makeup

Lem mascara and eyeliner eyes are the biggest obsession of girls when makeup in the rainy season. The solution is to invest waterproof mascara and eyeliner.

As for eyebrows, you should limit using eyebrow powder. Eyebrow powder is not waterproof and very easy to float. It is best to use the form of lead or wax, gel. Then you can use more waterproof mascara to help the brow more durable.

Apply multi-layer lipstick to keep lipstick color all day

After you apply a thin layer of lipstick, use a piece of paper to blot the lip to remove the excess lipstick, then apply another layer. Can repeat so many times to stick lipstick, bright colors.

Use additional mineral spray

Mineral spray is the last step and is also essential to help the makeup last longer. A thin mist will help all makeup products lock on your face. In addition, a bit of mineral water spray will make your skin retain moisture, limiting oil spills during the day.