Weight loss recipes anyone can apply

turn off the lights when sleep, drink lots of water, not packed ... is the little tip when weight loss that anyone can make., prison can, jails can, nghien cuu, tap ...

Turn off the lights when you go to bed

Researchers at Ohio State University (USA) has concluded that the lights off when sleep will help your body lighter. The conclusion to be drawn after the experiments were made on Hamster. The mice sleep totally in the dark, the risk of obesity than the night when the light or dim light of TV. The mice sleep but still the light often tend to eat more of Misty with the rest of the group.

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Turn off lights when sleep will help you sleep without causing hunger.

Don't skip meals

Any meal is also important, so you should not ignore if you want to lose weight. Once rid of packed, you will tend to eat up the other party, at the same time further caloric load to not lose. Getting rid of packed makes you less active energy, loss of strength, and even lazy to exercise.

Instead you should eat light, small and packed off to lose weight better.

More excitement when drinking water

Everyone knows that drinking more water will eat less and help increase the moisture to the skin. But if bored vicissitudes dishes didn't taste, we can add to or replace with orange juice, lemon juice or soda.

Limit processed foods available

You know the body will burn more calories as well as metabolism better when you eat fresh food than the food was over cooked like sausage, Bacon? So instead of taking a lon juices Apple, eat a fresh Apple.

Eat with bowls, small disk

In a small experiment about ice cream of a group of people with different dish size, results have shown that people who eat with small dish often eat less than an amount of 31% compared to those who eat with normal sized dish. Moreover the level of energy they loaded into the lower left the rest up to 57%.

Change the food Classifieds

Eat fresh fruit instead of dried fruits will save you tens of calories, eating yogurt instead of ice cream can save 100 calories.=

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