Weight loss recipes of the Miss Vietnam

Miss Nguyen Cao KY Duyen

KY Duyen attempted during 3 months in grade 11 with dieting combined exercise gym.

She restricted the food more grease and sweet at the same time the energy consumed by the set of 3 hours/day.

Miss Nguyen Cao KY Duyen.

Miss Mai Phuong Thuy

Eat enough nutrients divided many small meals during the day do avoid eating too no

Exercise gym 3 days/week; the episode jumps 3 days/week so the body more and more supple.

Sleep sooner or later you sleep enough 7-8 hours per day this way helps you to beautiful skin, spiritual comfort for the day and help reduce calories naturally.

Miss Mai Phuong Thuy.

Form for his active lifestyle, moving frequently to avoid accumulation of excess fat

Say no to the dish , calories, the fried fried dishes, fast food, beverage gas, ... Don't eat late at night after 6 pm dinner break, chặc closely control the calories daily and loaded into the drain to keep track

Write a diary of weight loss, this is how few people apply but is of great help in your weight loss process. The amount of water into the body daily of Thuy Mai Phuong is 2.5 liters-3 liters per day.

British runner

British runner.

The morning would also dispatch running about 1 hour.

Each month the sauna twice to reject speed makes the skin smooth and burn a calorie intake significantly.

Plan to eat and get enough sleep to ensure health and refreshing spirit.=