You keep inviting each other to play big with this series of smoky hair colors to make sure everything looks good

The year-end festive season is coming very close, ahead of Christmas and New Year, a time when any girl wants to refresh her appearance. And hair is what she wants to transform first. All year round have black hair, deep brown hair . the festive season at the end of the year, a little mist brings her unique personality. For those who are looking for a striking, impressive color tone while still ensuring the criteria are not too flashy to change for the upcoming festive season, these hazy haze tones will definitely be a good choice. .

Lead gray smoke

When it comes to smoke, the first color you choose is always lead gray smoke. In a nutshell, this is ash black with a silvery gray smoke like graphite. This is the color of hair that when you look closely, you will see that it is not really black, nor is it silver gray. Because the color is naturally dyed, you do not need to worry too much as new hairs will grow, which will damage the hair you take care of.

Ombre color

Needless to say, she can also tell how attractive her gray ombre hairstyle. With the hairline gray and cool and faded, then the end of your hair is smoke gray. This must be the combination for you to have a smoky gray hair and still ensure the skin tone. The combination of the two most unique tones: smoky hair and ombre dye creates an extremely luxurious hairstyle for the girls in the year-end festive season.

Smoke brown

A mixture of colors between light smoke and deep brown, smoky brown is really gentle tones that are wanted but unique and trendy. Whether lady "cake dirt" melodious or personality, when combined with brown smoke you always "floating". Smoke brown is both personality and sweetness that is suitable for women who want to give themselves a new change but still suitable for any learning environment or workplace hairstyles.

Gray-gray smoke

Purple is always the color that adds to the charm and prominence of the girls, and this is also always the top choice color of the personality girls. However, if you are still afraid of the rebellion of this color, you should try with purple smoke color, but the purple color is very easy to fade, so after dyeing, you need to choose oil. shampoo and care carefully for long-lasting color throughout the autumn / winter hair.

Orange-pink smoke

A hint of pink, light and sweet, youthful for your hair. The foundation of pink smoke is still the classic brown tone but adds a bit of pink, ensuring hacking the ultimate age for girls who want their looks younger, more beautiful than their actual age. In the sunlight, the hair shone with a fresh, striking color. The combination of classic brown tones and a basic pink glow will help your hair trendy, sweet but not cheesy.