4 way distribution map work, simple for you girl

(MissNews)-just the basic item such as a shirt, pants, jacket blazer ... There are plenty of these types mix different stylish furniture for you, fashion ...

Her work always disturbed not know mix map as to how to work every day to not be boring and monotonous? Very simple, just need the basic outfit such as shirts, skirts, trousers, blazer ... and some matching accessories and a little dexterity you will have the set map Office stylish, young and fit the trend.

Please refer to the hints below.

Blazer jacket + t-shirt + skinny pants

Your day will permeate my elation and comfortable with the color of the coat gently Navy Blue blazer. The long shape neckline, round, youthful new ticks. Mix together white t-shirts and skinny pants in black. Click the small more for the set map with necklace style. With the cold weather you can replace leather boots with high heels. Black blazer jacket + shirt + jeans

White shirt and black blazer is the costumes are more Office girl option. However if you afraid I'd "don't" when an set map please mix together jeans . This Pant style will make your costume more youthful. Still very elegant and suitable work environment right?

Photo : 4 way distribution map work, simple for you girl

4 way distribution map work, simple for you girl​ Instant dress

Her work is busy, no time to choose the dress or skirt-style the associated map is simply the choice fit and convenient. Office dress has a lot of designs in various colors. However, you should choose the right outfit with humanoid, with the hobby and the weather. The neutral colors like black, white, grey, purple. .. is the first choice for you. The she got chubby, round 2 round 3 Bulgarian clamp should select designs of VND sweep letter A, conversely if you have a slender body type choice or relegating into layer skirt hugged a bit to show respect. Mix together the jacket blazer when it's cold.

Photo : 4 way distribution map work, simple for you girl

4 way distribution map work, simple for you girl​ Foot-sweep skirt + shirt/sweater

With the young girl, then the combination of foot-sweep skirt lined cups and shirts or the sweater is the perfect choice to public office. Skirts sweep gives the wearer feminine beauty tenderness more item is also very easy on the distribution map and match more in shape. There are a lot of colors you can choose from.