7 Pocket how to mix map along can blazer you don't yet know

Mix the blazer together t-shirts and trousers and skinny jeans is the choice for those she loves the youthful, dynamic. Combined with accessories such as eyeglasses or Warrior sandal will help your appearance more personality.

You can also mix the blazer along the foot of A textured skirt like this girl. The combination of the smooth texture and color contrast helps set map add-eye. If you want to add a little break, try wearing a chocker tattoo (tattoo necklace).

Pastel-colored blazer mix together the item bright colors will help you have a set map full of feminine and elegant. In particular, how this combination will also help you cheat is the height.

Blazer + midi skirts -you tried yet? This girl has a set map absolutely trendy with the item are extreme hot as Coordinator skirts leather blazer and loafer shoes unique midi. Both the set map black never made her look "don't" by young designs was completely "rescue" was set.

The Blazer also is the perfect companion of skirts sweep if you know how to match colors and designs. You should choose a blazer jacket just right, not too long, it is best to only through a little waist. Set map should not too much color since so will make you become sober, lack of sophistication.

If you're looking for the break, then try to mix the blazer and leather pants. Don't forget a pair of ankle boots and fashionable eye glasses to improve the style to set map.

A hint is mix blazer designs together cape sport pants color respectively. With the way this chart, she on the mix looks extremely stylish with set map only includes 2 black white. Eye glasses coated mirrors and unique box bag is the accessory she choose to make melodies for the set map.=


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