9 useful fashion tips to her Office dressed all week

(MissNews)-You should refer to the fashion rules here if want to wear beautiful, elegant all week to work., Office fashion, fashion tips for her.

Dress with every environment is different although the same Office work, we think that these rules are rigid, but they seem to apply most for every Office environment. Please refer to the hints below to wear to work throughout the week.

Rule 1: your neckline should never lower than 4 inches below collarbone

Rule 2: Composition of the armpit shirt shoulder should extend to the edge of your shoulders. Not allowed to be an exposed bra straps.

Rule 3: When not sure please wear shoes with high heels.

Rule 4: combine jeans with the traditional office attire such as shirts, Oxford shoes and blazer coat, polite.

Rule 5: make sure that all the costumes are is flat phiu, no wrinkles as possible.

Rule 6: do not be too enthusiastic with the coordinating multiple textures. A subtle striped shirts and flowers gently enough.

Rule 7: If you wear a t-shirt quite thin, make sure with a jacket.

Rule 8: types of skirts for safety is in the middle of the knee. Never wear too short than a few inches above the knee

Rule 3: If you want to wear a bold item such as texture, balance its pants with the monochromatic outfits, like a crisp white shirt.