Dressed all week with a 6-set Office furniture, elegant young

Her Office North being to enjoy more Sun delivered the season from autumn to East with rainfall last season and cool pleasant atmosphere not too hot not too cold. However with this type quite erratic weather, many unknown girlfriend costume style options or the distribution map how to conveniently and comfortably when working. Here are 6 set map hints for women.

With beautiful, elegant, trendy fashion and the weather you can totally choose the outfit to come to work in the forecast delivery erratic season.

Monday 2

The first week with the Second Committee meeting, deployment job for the new week, you should choose the dress politely, Chin chu. Hint for you is the set map to the combination of shirt and pencil skirt legs or shirt and trousers. You also need an energetic start to the day, and the idea should select those bright colors.

Monday 3

On Tuesday you begin implementing the work plan, choose yourself the most comfortable attire such as dresses, skirts such but remember the criteria and Chin chu. The fresh, cool colors will help you have more inspiration than that.


Wednesday is the appropriate time to her work reflected his own style. Don't hesitate an a set of new, impressive design with textured or brilliant. Sometimes not needed required just a bit as color accents also helps you express the personality and more prominent.


You think when an skirts hug the body on Thursday. However the Department have to waist or round 3 Bulgarian should choose A skirt shape, bright colors to more youthful. For you girls quite confident with slender physique and 3 relatively round don't hesitate to choose sexy hugging skirt shape.


On Friday, young and dynamic, with set map as comfortable shirts, baggy pants and jackets or trousers canvas is suggested for you. The harmonization or opposition between the colors also help you stand.=


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