Dressed in billions of costumes, but both Princess Kate and Meghan used surprisingly cheap accessories

Ever since Prince Harry confessed to having "opposite views" with his brother Prince William in a television interview, many have argued that the conflict between the two princes stemmed from the relationship. system "facial, not satisfied" of two brides Meghan and Kate.

No matter how true the rumors are, it's undeniable that the royal sister-in-law has a lot in common, from fashion to the hobby of using earrings that are very affordable. The evidence is that, despite owning a wardrobe with the number of branded dresses costing tens, even hundreds of millions, the Princesses favored the shocking cheap earrings like this:

1. Princess Kate

Princess Kate wore a design skirt costing more than 5 million but wearing only earrings costing 230 thousand.

Another time, the mother of three children used earrings that cost 140,000 VND, 330 times cheaper than the flower dress she was wearing worth 46 million VND.

Earlier in the 2016 and 2017 trips to India and Bhutan, the Duchess of Cambridge also attracted the attention and sympathy of the public thanks to her simplicity.

The earring is worth USD 11, equivalent to VND 260,000, which Princess Kate wore during her visit to India in 2017.

In addition, during her visit to the Taj Mahal love temple in 2016, she also wore only the same earrings with blue tones with the dress being worn at an extremely modest price of 6.6 pounds (217 thousand VND).

This cheap earring was bought by her at a handicraft market during her previous visit in Bhutan.

2. Princess Meghan

Not only her sister-in-law Kate, Princess Meghan also has many times wearing cheap earrings, even some . borrowed items to attend important events.

For example, at the wedding Misha Nonoo with oil billionaire Michael Hess in Rome, Italy on September 20, the Duchess of Sussex wore yellow stone earrings costing only VND 140,000 with the dress. shiny black puffed hand price $ 9,984, equivalent to VND 230 million of Valentino.

"Meghan liked these earrings for a long time, so her friends lent them to Meghan to wear them to Misha's wedding. They cost 5 pounds ($ 6.2 US $ 140) to buy at a second hand market on Portobello Street. , west of London, "a source said.

Meghan Markle is famous for a wardrobe of $ 9,000 or a collection of jewelry worth more than $ 700,000. However, during a trip to Africa with the royal family recently, the Princess of England wore only gold earrings for only $ 141, with an eco-friendly design of the fashion house Gas Bijoux.

Compared to branded and jewelry cabinets worth thousands of dollars, the earrings that she wore during the recent trip to Africa were quite affordable, only $ 141 ~ $ 3.3 million.

Also during a visit to Africa, Princess Meghan chose a white dress to support Hannah Lavery - a local designer and did not forget to add earrings that cost 695 thousand VND.

Previously, Meghan Markle wore earrings designed by Pichulik, with prices only about $ 120 ~ 2.8 million during a visit to Johannesburg, South Africa.

Imagine that dresses and accessories "class difference" is just an improvised choice of Princess Kate - Meghan but according to fashion experts, the mix of luxury fashion items with accessories of average brands People are a strategic choice. Because they want to increase their influence and shorten the distance with the masses by showing their closeness and friendliness, that the Royal characters also buy popular fashion items like so many other people. Not only that, experts also said that the popularity of the two Princesses Kate - Meghan in the field of fashion also brings many benefits to politics and foreign countries of England.