Hint 5 recipes super classic mix for the office workers shine among the crowd

1. Shirt / blouse + boxer pants

Tidy, serious shirts or elegant, sleeveless blouses are all 'nail' items that create a business suit. In addition, the sleeveless pants with the inherently minimalist, elegant and trendy fashion design are considered perfect for mixing & matching with these two styles. Needless to say, just choose a shirt / blouse and then add the tube pants with neutral colors, she will have an overall look extremely beautiful, elegant and equally trendy .

2. Shorts suit

If the pant suit is a somewhat rigid option, then the shorts suit is a great spice to accentuate the elegance and still look youthful for you. The short suit inherits class, nobility of the family suit, and has shorts that create a dynamic for the wearer, so you don't have to worry about being framed in the proper character of the suit.

Moreover, this shorts suit has a lot of designs, colors and textures that make you stand out, more trendy. Choose for yourself a plain suit, a floral suit and a white, neutral-colored shirt to have the most perfect set of work suits.

3. Slim T-shirt + long pants

In cool weather days, thin T-shirt combos and long pants are considered to be the ideal choice, while meeting the requirements of elegance and elegance, while bringing a youthful, youthful look. medium for office workers. A thin t-shirt may be a little bit messy, but when paired with long pants, typically like pants or loose-fitting pants, this minus point will completely disappear. And the suggestion for girls who prefer a safe, minimalistic style is to choose items that are neutral and courteous. The confident girls with mix & match ability can find more prominent colors to enhance the style.

4. Blouse / shirt + midi skirt

This recipe is also thoroughly performed by the women when collected. The extremely sweet combination between blouse / shirt and long, soft, slender skirt will bring a feminine look to the office workers but still extremely elegant and fashionable. Keep this combo the most perfect, don't forget to neatly scratch your shirt! As for the footwear, the shoe, boots, high heels or more youthful sneakers are suitable for this pair of midi blouse / shirt + skirt.

5. Dress immediately

The quickest and still beautiful enough, that is when the furniture of the girls is available with a few consecutive dresses. It can be a seamless dress, the skirt is covered with textures, or more stylish than a dress shirt, . all can be requisitioned for a set of feminine and feminine suits without even matches. Too much, too much. Especially never reactive, it is the seamless solid color dress with neutral or elegant pastel or sweet or basic textured skirt patterns such as polka dots, reticle or minimalistic flowers. In addition, the girls should choose dresses with neat waist design to shape more balanced, harmonious, and create the feeling of legs being extended.