How to mix map to the beautiful Korean ladies Department

(MissNews)-With the simple, beautiful furniture mix can fully dressed to work each day as beautiful as Lady Korea., fashion work, feet pencil skirt, while ...

Pencil skirts

Simple, functional but no less and feminine is what type of pencil skirts bring to the wearer. This is considered one of the indispensable item for the Office Lady. With pencil skirts you can easily mix together t-shirts, sweaters, shirts or jackets in the early winter weather. With the foot of the most beautiful pencil skirt is mix together simple shirts accompanied the blazer jacket . Combined with all pants or all leg skin also helps keep warm and make you more confident.

Why Korean fashion is often more favored girlfriend? By the beauty of simple but very elegant, youthful and handy with many circumstances. Moreover Korean fashion also fits with your favorite gentle strokes tastefully, feminine fashion devotees.

Tripod pencil skirt pattern motifs or dotted motifs of classical marbles as well as suggestions for your girl work in weather the cold season. You can click the small bit of extra color to set or simply a neutral colour schemes.

The foot-length pencil skirt on the knee or below the knee a little bit also very young and elegant. The monochromatic color affective tones such as black, Navy Blue will fit in with the fan over 40, very polite and modest. The long shape blazer jacket

Her work must be familiar with the vest or jacket blazer short appearance of luxury, elegance, however in recent fashion seasons, blazer long shape type also much favored by girlfriends young beauty that still fits with the Office environment.

This is the jacket cannot be ignored in this fashion season for the Office girl. With the long-shape blazer jacket style you can choose mix along the leg skirt, shirts, casual pants, jeans or skirts sailings are very stylish and charming.

Not only help keep warm that the South Korean style long shape suits also gives people wearing youthful beauty, charming.

Not only in collaboration by many contemporary fashion colours which long vest also create a feeling of balance to the body.

So many colors for you to choose from the Office bright pastel colors with cool like blue, pink, red, orange ... to the cool, neutral colours such as black, white, Brown, beige ... Instant dress

In the autumn of this year's winter you also can't ignore the Instant Office skirt style pattern welding. Can talk to the busy facility, the skirt is one of the convenient choices, most fashion when going to work. Not only tenderness, tha thướt, with intermittent summer sailings in the cold season, she can choose the form such skirts, dresses, wool skirt sweep seasoned materials to keep warm, mix together the item such as Korean style coat, high heels, boots ... you totally confident shine in every day work.

If the weather is not too cold you can choose yourself the same short skirts suits clutching appearance of instant just right like this.

Or more graceful sweep skirt form with Cup stacking with the youthful texture blazer jacket.

The young fan can choose such chequered skirt designs mix jacket designs elegant blazer.