How to sew a skirt sweep inland as beautiful body buy outside shop

(MissNews)-instead of buying the skirt spread outside the shop you can sew a dress which was developed for themselves. How to sew a skirt sweep successively the fuselage is not difficult. Together learn to sew skirts sweep inland, may ...

Sweep skirt brings looks sweet, elegant addition to the wearer. Multi dress zi it all fit over any type of dress. Besides buying dresses outside shop, why don't you try bringing sewing a dress for her self directed. Here's how to sew skirts sweep inland trunk so you can work or play area.

Raw materials

To sew the skirt spread you need to prepare:

-Fabric: 1.5-1 gauge, 6 m x 1, 7 m

-Size wire, wooden ruler, pollen perpetrator

-Sewing machines and cloth with color only

1. cut the stems on the

With this first sweep skirt sewing way you measure the forward fuselage with the measurements as in the recipe, the recipe includes sugar may not have shoulder seam exception.

When finished cut stems before, you get the needle pin ball chest back, put up fabrics have twice to copy the measurements for the rear fuselage, folding edge set attention between the front fuselage back to 1, 5 cm (part of this fabric to sew in zipper garment's dream-Czech).

After cutting the fuselage front and rear fuselage continued to copy the old liner section (under the dashed in the formula as in the picture).

2. cut the stems under

First you draw and write the formula for measuring under empennage cut as the figure below: R1 is the radius of the circle, R2 Strait is the radius of the circle skirts, measurements including seam.

4 fold the fabric and draw 1/4 circle as in the picture (you can use tape 1 hand hold on the corner, a hand rotate the remaining wire section).

After the fuselage below the cut off will be shaped like the figure below. The other main roads are roads to enter the lock.

3. Sew skirts sweep

After you have finished cutting the top and bottom of the dress, you start sewing dresses. The first part of the upper body garment dresses:

-May extract li waist and chest balls

-Turn sewing the neck lining on the neck

-Sew the shoulders before and after on together, carried away is

-Sew lining section in the armpit

-May 2 side, then carried away is

Connect the bottom fuselage section with on:

-You use a needle pin fixed lower and upper body before may

On the zipper garment's dream

-May the fuselage below the 45-50 cm back and except from the neck

-Zipper garment's dream: to change the propeller used Czech may sink before sewing 1 seam to hold the lock with the fabric, then sew the seam again to add a lock, when may took the hand holds as in the picture.

The operation for the skirt.

4. Sew Teddy bear dresses

After you've finished sewing the basic part of the dress, you begin to sew Teddy bear dresses. Then wear a skirt to go is back is complete done considerably skirt sewing this way.

Finished products

It's great to see you spread yourself pretty lucky dress no less what dresses outside the shop properly! How to sew a skirt sweep round neck style is quite simple. But take more time from 2-3 hours, after which you already own are now considerably lovely bodied sailings dress.

Let's apply this type of links style body sweep skirt sewing to sew for themselves the dress beautifully spread. Cool colors, simple designs however when even up the back shape in respect immensely. You can sew the dress tone sweep this momentum for her to wear to go to work, go out are all very nice.

Not so, sweep skirt handmade also conceals many advantages disadvantages the body. Depending on the color, shape who you can pick different colors to sew skirts.

From the fatty belly, her hips to or short legs, even those she has round 3 imperfections can also interface with this dress. Apply the sweep this type of links style body dresses may then change the fabric color, texture so you had beautiful sweep skirt collection outside the shop.

Change colors further fabrics more considerably more lovely dress.

Still is the way instant body sweep skirt sewing not hands on, you only need to change the texture, the color of cloth was already considerably different beautiful dress now and then.

Wish you successful ways may sweep skirt!