MC Thanh Mai continuously changes with elegant and delicate office vest

In the latest set of photos, MC Thanh Mai transformed into an elegant and modern office lady. Beauties choose a series of white-black clothes, showing off their youthful and radiant looks.

It is known that in order to keep slim shape, in the morning MC Thanh Mai only eat green vegetables. In the afternoon, she allowed herself to eat full but limited starch and had dinner before 18:00.

Last time, MC Thanh Mai was busy with her work. She always tries to balance between business and artistic activities to be able to pursue her passion. The MC said, she hopes that her efforts on the way of art and business will inspire positively, help the women confidently affirm themselves and contribute to the community.

Thanh Mai has an impressive white tree.

Or turn a luxurious lady with a black skirt and a skirt over the outside.

Stylized black vest with lace tail.

Although at the age of U50 Thanh Mai still retains a slim shape.