Mix up with 6 recipes you will definitely attract every look

Blouse and high waist jeans

The women will look extremely elegant and stylish if dressed up with a feminine blouse with high-legged jeans. After that, the 'boxed' is neat and complete with a shoe like mule, speaker or minimalist sandal. This combination not only helps your physique grow a few inches but also looks much slimmer.

Wide sweater, skinny pants and high heels

Skinny pants are capable of helping women show off their slender legs. At the same time, when you combine this style with a wide sweater and high heels, it will have an extremely fashionable, attractive and youthful appearance.

In everyday life, even the famous stars in the world are quite fond of this fashionable style with a dynamic winter direction. With the sweater a little wide, you just need to pry a part in the front, which will look more fashionable and personality.

Sweatshirts, jeans skirts and sneaker shoes

Fashion has no clear boundary between this style and the other style. Therefore, sweatshirts, jeans skirts and sneaker shoes are the formula of 'blending' between youthful, individualistic and dynamic fashion styles and the charm and elegance of women.

Combo of sweatshirts and jeans skirt legs can be present in cold weather. Besides, if it is colder, you just need to wear a long-sleeve shirt that is enough to keep your body warm.

Dress shirt

In the desire to dress beautiful, lovely, dress shirt is the item with the ability to 'hack' the most age. This is also a fashion item that not only helps the ladies become stylish and stylish, but also very cleverly hidden. So, you need to add your spring-summer dress to this simple yet sophisticated dress.

Printed T-shirt and jeans

If you are tired of wearing sleek T-shirts, you can change the style with a simple T-shirt with a little bit of vintage and youthful and elegant. And in case, you are out of 30, this option does not make yourself fall into the situation of 'sawing horns'.

Black or white jeans

Don't just limit your style to blue jeans but forget that you have two more interesting choices: white jeans and black jeans.

About the coordination of black or white jeans is very 'easy', women can choose randomly in their lockers a classic shirt or camel shirt, adorned with boots or high heels feminine is confident to go to work with a very professional appearance and work quality.

Blouse and white jeans

The feminine, elegant features of white jeans are perfectly matched with the elegance and lightness of the blouses. So when paired up, the women will get a beautiful outfit for free.