Recipes for her Office dressed overweight after the birth

Choose pants

When choosing pants, you should note the smooth selection of designs should not be too wide and not too thigh hugging, such pipes just right. You should select the type of belt-pants to the Scorpions, had high Cup stacking and pipe stand. Avoid these types of pants bundle because they will expose the abdominal fat or ngấn cons no compact feet of you.

The pants, trousers wide such designs is great choice for the Department of overweight after the birth. With this type of pants you can still mix together shirts .

Tube flaring pants costume also help double foot long over, reducing the speed of the hip joint, thigh bunch, calf and foot-long with a little bear part loe.

Choose Austria

When selecting the fan, my sister should choose the abdominal or chest bo bo shirt. It's hidden belly fat part is very efficient. You should also select the type of shirt has simple design, less detail, to avoid the type of decoration such as water hyacinth, Cup stacking.

Often when fat, the neck looks you will be short again. The most appropriate at this time is the wide neck shirt boat neck or as V has just helped ton round plump, slender neck designs made over.

Collars will help you look more compact and slimmer.

Please wear simple details will bring you neat, elegant stature. You can select the colors bright, elegant to look younger.

Select dresses

You should choose the skirt has a fit not too wide and not so close too. With the facility, relegating into layer skirt, xáy spread the word shape A is the perfect choice to help conceal the ngấn excessive fat, oversized round 2.

Such Dresses will help conceal the excess fat ngấn in round 2 the easy way.

Her stylized da can choose for themselves the monochrome letter A dress or skirt cool textures.

Everyone knows that wearing black is slimming, but you can also choose other colors such as chocolate, Brown, purple and dark blue ...=


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