The fashion public office should 'horse deity'

this fashion items can being the Favorites, but the elegant work environment no ' land ' for them!, a time ...

The cold winter has turned you into the teddy bear because to wear enough clothes to keep warm. This makes you more when not to Italy was that his style are bring bad image in the workplace. Elegant office environment where casual style but polite. Also if you have the following costumes errors, see and this page now!

Oversized sweater

Wide sweater-style vintage flare can make you feel young, but in truth it only for her new age fad popular big sweater with a wide same legging or jeans. Also, an Office Lady, luxury, choose for yourself the sweater fits retrieved the body, warm, medium medium easy to combine with other uniform sites and, you know, age appropriate.

Oversided jackets

The oversized coat render women lost looks neat, elegant Office. They cause you to become aggressively flared, chubby. Those shape long jacket with wide designs or the more cumbersome, fussy will help you stay warm the body but looks you will lack the neat. In the Office environment, you should land the trenchcoat jacket or blazer, felt would be perfect over, they just help keep phom, 've just keep warm every absolute path.

Wool socks

Not that this stuff does not fit with the Department, that is just you need to manifest most of "the force" distribution map when wearing it. You need to have a gout fashion personality eye-catching, value, back to them so work styles by wool socks, pants very personality and it will become relevant if you don't an map work normally. Too troublesome and complicated right? Back with thick socks, pants, trousers, black socks.

The thick wool scarf

Many people have the habit of love plenty of towels to wrap around the neck, or choose a thick wool scarves, to the first day of the neck to keep warm. Also right about health, but wrong about the mess Office fashion. Where are you still in the teens to learn what her kid cute Riding Hood style again? As a public institution, you need something soothing, elegant than that. Fur scarf, scarf, scarf cashmere material would be the perfect suggestions when just warm, just help you luxury Office.

Lita boots

A lot of people seem to fascinate the personalities of lita boots, it is also easy to distribute map, increase height! But folks, lita boots personality too. Though they have really high heels but that's only the case pits appearance with the teen girl. Women should work more, Prashant and đằm which is the reason for your return with ankle boots heels high boots, high heels and thighs horizontal.


Also played a major role for the success or failure of style, accessories such as jewelry, hats, belts need to be choose cleverly. In particular, although you have the same outfit but other accessories distribution goes, you'll still look new. There is no reason to leave home without bringing on people at least a unique accessory with which to do the highlights for the appearance.

The outfit displays the body

You can force the biceps bodybuilding Sy jealous or ass was dubbed the "Super 3", and it is the largest pride of you. However, work is not the appropriate place for you to show the advantages that.

The prominent surface lingerie costumes

Clothing fabric material is thin, pasty or too wide or too tight underwear, lots more ... all can make to developing the way they return, not on the outside. The solution here is that you should choose the underwear fitting, stretchy material, and not much detail. For the outer dress, should select certain material thickness, if there should be a good lining fabric. Underwear with coloured external attire is also something you should avoid.


Whether there is expensive, branded the pair of slippers also never fit in with the work environment because they create for negligence, you have the "down". If you want comfort, lightness, choose a shoe or sandal or low bệt Empire. With men, more and more diverse choices.=

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