The mix map 'standard needs no tweaking' with leather jacket

1 tone - on - tone

This is the simplest and most effective also. A leather jacket and skinny pants together mix ankle boots of the same color will create for you the trendy looks instantly without costing too much time and effort. A special thing anymore is how the mix not too fussy about this humanoid.

If you slightly thin, please choose 1 skin coat in bright colors, designs, have the belt below. If humanoid you shark steam, select the extract just the right waist shirt or shape to miss, particularly should choose the black leather jacket to help "cheat" in shape. Don't forget a pair of boots 5-7 cm high look to drain more than.

2. Mix together the instant skirt

What if the dress your summer Favorites back to be reused under extremely cool: wearing the same leather jacket. It is also an extremely brilliant "quick-compact-beautiful" for her "lazy thinking" in the mix. Leather jackets fit with many types of dresses: dresses, skirts, such little black dress ... any kind of skirt lockers can also bring these results "above expectations" for the employer. Type of shoe comes this mix is usually way ankle boots shoes, sneaker ...

3. Mix the same skinny jeans

This is the most common combinations of leather jackets. Her under age 30 in particular how to mix this because it brings up the map and dynamic personality. You can see how this mix from a dozen years ago, but in 10 years, the mix is also not afraid to be outdated. When combining two items together, you select the shirt worn in bearing the neutral colors to look fashionable . Every pair of shoes can match the set map on.

4. Mix together skirts

If you are a public institution and she wanted a little break for eating routine, try wearing the right combinations. It will be a blend of elegant and generous, between classic and modern.

Sure you will fit pole when mix coats the same denim skirts short appearance for the working sessions and making friends are relentlessly when an coats along midi skirts when going out in the afternoon. Depending on the skirts which you choose yourself a handbag and shoes match comes on.=


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