women fashion rule 7 public office should remember

You know, fashion is a field office is very ... difficult. You were always struggling in the boundary between the mundane, be careful, elegant and stately ... tedious. Only the select map how to not look like yesterday has made you spend tons of time standing in front of the mirror every day. So, you have to how to fashion work? There will be dozens of these recipes are given to help you more beautiful, than with them. But be careful, before "peanuts" in these recipes, please make sure that you have in the Palm of the "law" here for fashion work.

1. The shirt

This is an important law that every girl should remember, it's your shirt collar should only crack is about 5-8 cm from the collarbone. If it's too late, you will know what disaster awaits, you will become a dominant player like her work with the open collar "which opened Affairs" in a funny way and ... cottage cheese phang. In summary, be sexy, but don't be too.

2. Austria armpit

With Austria armpit, you need to choose for themselves the type of Austria with the enclosed cover shoulders on either side of your shoulder, don't choose shoulder cut too deep or worse ... Austria two wire. Because, this is the fan and the armpit shirt has an "open" with you. Please restrain and dress like an ethereal girl, young and true squid.

3. High heels

There will be times when you fret that this pair of shoes, the shoes with the other. Meanwhile, please simply select a black heels. Off to say, you know the universal application of it? A perfect choice for any set map work which requires the elegant background, things that high heels are redundant.

4. Jeans

Of course, you will need the jeans when going to work. But how to make them more attractive? Please distribute the same blazer and oxford shoes, which is a combination not be more perfect for a public institution and youthful looks, style that still holds true.

5. The wrinkles

Better you should not wear wrinkled to public office. Because, this is where you work, where everyone looks at you with the desire you expressed your elegant. And a person not elegant dress was wrinkled.

6. Textured

We will always need to make textures set map Office add color. But too many textures would be a real disaster, a flower garden or a fence. You don't want yourself as such? Minimalist better about 2 texturing on a costume is the maximum. In it, you should balance the textured plate: thickness-Mr. small, to-a harmonious way to create the highest performance.

7. Austria during

The transparent shirt was a glamorous items on summer days, but they were also potentially a lot of the dangers when you land to public office. For safety, keep the shirt bib blazer. And if possible, wear lining inside a slippery little color to two wires can be more confident again.=