15 the need to prepare before you go b.

1. Prepare a Pocket map to in case you born earlier than expected. You should prepare sleepwear, ... as well as a set of discharge will wear, blankets, diaper and clean towel for your baby. You should also make sure in which also the widgets like lipsticks, magazine or books, especially the CD the songs you love and add a pillow for her husband.

2. Sing and chat with her when baby still in the womb. This is the best way to connect with your child before birth. You should also do this to my husband. If he felt embarrassed to talk to your baby in the belly, you can ask him to read a book or play some fun music.

3. Dry clean all your baby's clothes, bedding and bed toilet with a washing products, especially the kind of gentle and not to influence your baby's skin. The skin of babies are very sensitive so the parents should pay attention to this problem and other products.

4. Buy a Chair for baby when cars or motorcycles and to download who knows it. So, let's find out the patterns for baby seats first, then choose get interested product prior to shopping.

5. most hospitals have of course childbirth so amazing, you should attend a class property along with my husband. There will be a lot to learn and it's very useful. Many of the classes are for students to view the videos at are born and take out those instructions in the process of forest sinks and the General information on date of birth.

-Basic knowledge on the issue of labour, often laying methods with tongue surgery

-The basic instructions about preparing physically, mentally as well as prepare the facilities for welcoming a newborn baby in the lives of young couples.

-A number of guidelines to help the mother can pass easily as viaduct: how to breathe, how to push lay...

-The basic knowledge about familiar with babies, baby care at birth (nutrition, hygiene, common ailments in infants.)

-Maternity care after birth (hygiene, nutrition, psychology ...)

6. Create an emergency contact list and keep it with you in case the husband or relatives not in the sidebar when you born early. Make sure the contact has enough information about your medical, insurance in case they need detailed information when you go baby.

7. Apply for maternity

Often the parents elected to have the mentality that will go on to do forestry Turkish to have much time child care after the baby was born. This is not so because before birth parents should be elected to rest, relax, compose the furniture ready. .. to prepare to the hospital. It's best to leave before attending born 1-2 weeks.

8. With her husband in financial planning

There will be a lot of account the couple you have to spend in the coming time, the other account your salary can at least go during maternity leave. Let's stack up the specific plan about the expenses to you and assured more financially before birth.

9. Cleaning the House

If none of the conditions of the lease, you go with her husband to clean, decorated houses a little bit. This will reduce somewhat the pressure of work after childbirth, and is important when returning home mother will feel comfortable, warm than with space clean, tidy, airy.

10. find the mother and baby care

Parents should find vote now to care for the mother if no grandparents nearby exterior. Ask acquaintances, friends introduced to find reliable maid.

11. finding a doctor for your child

Search for the newborn baby a good doctor accidentally infected baby room theme. Infants often have less resistance, some with infectious diseases should be making available a doctor never is superfluous.

12. Let's chill

Worry, fear, rush are no good influence to the mother and the baby. Give yourself a sense of comfort, fun by:

-Watch your favorite movies or listen to a soothing, melodic music

-Go to the Spa or massage at home if your husband thanks Mike-out

-Exercise with gentle movements not only refreshing but also helps work out for you health before.

-Talking with relatives

14. Get enough sleep

One is the importance of a mother elects to do before stepping into "war". Enough sleep 8 hours every day to ensure your health because when room to, you will not have time to rest with the birth process was also very lost.

14. personal hygiene

The personal hygiene not only created for parents elected to the feeling of clean, comfortable but also can restrict to some infectious diseases when the baby was born.

Cutting nails, cleaning and lubricating paint color on the nails: regular Mommy hand contact with the baby when closing, lactation. Long nails and paint is the environment for disease-causing bacteria to grow, most is the disease of the intestinal tract. More infant skin which is thin and vulnerable. Mom's long nails could scratch the skin at any time baby

Short hair cut to non-entanglement when crossing shallow is doing very well. If you still want to keep long hair, you need to grip the hair neat. Wash clean, wear the dress with a wide, airy, easy sweat absorbent.

15. The device is always ready

You and hubby must ensure phone always works and also money. Save carefully the number of hospitals, the midwifery and taxi to when signs of labor you just Hello.=