2 golden hour frames for children to go to bed to develop strong both physically and intellectually

According to health experts, a moderate, deep and delicious sleep will ensure that children grow in height and have an intelligent mind. So make sure your child sleeps correctly at the following 2 golden hours:

Appropriate time for children to go to sleep

Many parents will wonder about the appropriate time frame for children to go to sleep. In response to this question, many experts said that the appropriate sleeping time for each child is not fixed. Parents try to test by letting them sleep 20 minutes earlier in a few nights and watching what happens. If your baby is sleeping easily, this may indicate that he should go to bed earlier. In addition, mothers should limit children's watching television or using phones. Because many studies have found a link between children often staring at the phone screen and their sleep problems.

For most parents to work outside, it is impossible to leave them to bed early at 8 o'clock. Or maybe the child doesn't want to sleep either. In addition, parents need to spend time to have fun with their children before they go to sleep.

Golden time frame for children to go to sleep

Studies show that the height of a child is determined by many factors, of which: 70% thanks to parents' genes, 30% belongs to external factors affecting. And of the 30% of this external factor, sleep is the first and most prerequisite factor affecting the height of children.

Picture 1 of 2 golden hour frames for children to go to bed to develop strong both physically and intellectually Photo 1 of 2 golden hour frames for children to go to bed to develop strong both physically and intellectually

In many studies with specific data, it is also demonstrated that sleep determines the height of children smaller than diet and exercise. Explaining this is not difficult. When a child goes to sleep, is fully relaxed then the body releases growth hormone to help the child achieve the best growth.

Late sleepers are more disadvantaged in height and intelligence development. In scientific studies, experts show that there are 2 stages of the day that growth hormone is most secreted from 21 pm to 1 am and 5 am to 7 am. Even the amount of growth hormone produced during this time period is proved to be 5 - 7 times higher than during the daytime.

Therefore, in order for children to be able to make the best use of this golden period, they should be allowed to go to bed by their parents at 8.30pm, not later than 9.30pm and let them wake up after 7am the next morning. . If the baby goes to bed later than these 2 golden times, the child will be greatly affected by the ability to develop height and increase the amount of gray matter.

Why should children sleep during golden hours to grow in height?

From 9 pm to 1 am the next day, especially between 10 pm and 3 am, the amount of growth hormone produced reaches the highest level. In addition to this time frame, about 1-2 hours before 6 am is also the peak of the activity of producing hormone growth in the baby's body.

However, the body is not a machine. Not every 9 pm, growth hormones begin to secrete large quantities on time. It needs many other factors to stimulate the production of more growth hormone. And those factors are a deep sleep and many beautiful dreams.

This means that if the baby has not slept at the golden time, the growth of hormones is only low and insignificant. That is why parents should give their baby a bed 30 minutes ahead of this time so that they can be lulled and get more sleepy.

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