4 foods to help your baby digest well, all right away constipation: Don't forget to add to the menu every day


Banana fruit is another easy-to-digest food that is banana, this is a familiar fruit and contains countless nutrients and vitamins useful for your baby's health. If your baby has indigestion constipation helps fiber to help prevent constipation while supporting your baby's digestion.

Green vegetables

In green vegetables, it is beneficial for your baby's digestive system, helping to promote your baby's digestive system for the intestinal tract. In addition, green vegetables also have vitamins and minerals necessary for the health and development of young children so green vegetables are recommended to feed regularly.

Bananas help children treat constipation


When children have indigestion, bloating, bloating. You can give your child plenty of chicken instead of other meats. Because in low-fat chicken, the baby is easy to digest with enzymes that soothe the baby's stomach effectively. Therefore, she should add chicken to her daily diet.


Yogurt is a good snack for small children, in the composition of yogurt contains many good bacteria for your baby's digestive system. When a mother feeds her yogurt, it is easier for her to go to defecation to avoid long-term constipation. At the same time, milk helps children absorb food better than adding caxi to grow in height.

Yogurt helps the child's digestive system better

Sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are dishes that help treat bloating and indigestion for children very effectively. Sweet potatoes contain many starches to help children add more essential nutrients to the body. Therefore, mothers do not hesitate to give their children sweet potatoes to improve their digestive system.