4 mistakes when reducing fever for children

Keep babies tight when fever

When a child has a fever, parents should not cover the baby but take off the clothes, let the child wear loose clothes to help the child cool down. The incubation of a baby with a blanket or warm clothes will make it impossible for the child to sweat and when he or she is warmed up, the sweat will go back to make the child more susceptible to colds, respiratory failure pneumonia is dangerous to life. .

Therefore, when a child has a fever, parents should not carry it, keep it tight, let the child stay in a spacious room, avoid the wind to avoid the sun and wear loose and airy clothes.

Try to pry your teeth when your baby has a seizure

When your baby is having a high fever and has a sudden, unknowing seizure, foaming at the mouth, hands and legs jerks repeatedly. When encountering this situation, parents need to be very calm and not be confused.

My mother tried to clear the airway for the baby and tried to put the antipyretic medicine into the baby's anus and wet the baby with warm water, wait a few minutes for the child to stop convulsing and breathing again and take the child to the sick institute. Parents should not try to pry their baby's mouth and stuff something into or shave the baby's wind.

Apply ice too much

When a child has a high fever, she should think about how to reduce fever so many mothers take stones and stones or give them medicine to reduce fever. This work has made many parents pay the price.

However, this action will cause an acute immune response, which stimulates and attracts immunity in the body area of ​​invading pathogens such as bacteria, viruses. This reaction leads to heat generation in the body, which is considered to improve the immune system's exercise. Therefore, when a fever does not exceed 38.5oC parents do not apply ice or give fever-reducing medicine to children.

Abuse of paracetamol

Paracetamol antipyretic drugs are antipyretic drugs that are too common and this popularity causes paracetamol poisoning to increase. But it is possible for mothers to take care of their babies using fever-reducing medications that can make them sick or cause side effects for their bodies.