4 things A BIRTH OF MOTHER FOR LASTING MUST BE LOSS OF MILK, children cry out in hunger

There are many reasons why a mother loses her breastmilk while breastfeeding, but getting enough breastmilk for her baby needs the following.

1. Wear suitable underwear

Some mothers began to pay attention to the recovery of the body during breastfeeding. This is a right decision, but the possibility of a wrong approach will lead to the opposite result. For example, some mothers wear steel-lined underwear during breastfeeding, which may be useful for shaping the breasts.

However, wearing this type of underwear for a long time will lead to milk blocking, even blockage of the milk ducts, which is not conducive to the secretion of the mother's milk, meaning it will affect the first round. of mom. Therefore, during breastfeeding, mothers should choose special breast-feeding underwear to avoid sagging breasts without affecting lactation.

2. Use a proper breast pump

Some mothers have a habit of storing breast milk. They feel that their babies cannot suckle too much milk for a while and they will save milk for their next feeding. However, this fact is not scientific. This habit will cause milk to accumulate in the chest, clog the milk ducts and affect milk secretion.

In this situation, the best way for a mother is to use a breast pump to suck excess milk from the breast out of the milk storage bag and store it in the refrigerator. Doing this not only ensures the quality of milk but also ensures the health of the mother. And when your baby's milk is not enough, she can use milk in a warm milk storage bag and give her a drink.

3. Pay attention to emotions

She needs to pay attention to controlling her emotions when breastfeeding. If the mother is in a sad, depressed or angry state for a long time, it will affect prolactin secretion and reduce the amount of milk secreted, unable to meet the baby's daily needs, and even photos. influence the growth and development of children.

Therefore, mothers should maintain a normal emotion during breastfeeding, which is beneficial for both mother and baby.

4. Safe diet

In a diet, mothers need to pay more attention, not to drink too much milk-based supplements, potentially causing milk clots, which are not conducive to the secretion of mother's milk. In addition, during breastfeeding, in addition to paying attention to nutritional balance, she also needs to add protein, which is good for the body's recovery.

Foods that cause breastmilk loss should be avoided

Picture 1 of 4 things A BIRTH OF MOTHER FOR LASTING MUST BE LOSS OF MILK, children cry out in hunger

Picture 1 of 4 things A BIRTH OF MOTHER FOR LASTING MUST BE LOSS OF MILK, children cry out in hunger

1. Leafy guise

At the top of the list of breast-feeding mothers should be avoided, because the leaves are prepared even if they are known to make breastmilk secreted less, resulting in insufficient milk for the baby.

No matter how much I like this, she also tries to abstain to keep the milk for her, Mom!

2. Shoots

Maybe she does not know, but bamboo shoots are considered to be one of the biggest "culprits" that cause breastmilk loss. Moreover, the content of HCN toxin in bamboo shoots is very toxic, which can cause death for young children.

Although this toxin can be easily dissolved in water, evaporate when boiled but be careful still, isn't it mom?

3. Using peppermint is a risk of losing breast milk

Many studies show that mothers who use too much peppermint as well as menthol will have an adverse effect on milk.

Syrups, candies made from peppermint oil are also considered to be one of the foods that lose milk that mothers need to avoid.

Drinking a cup of tea from mint leaves every day will help stabilize and comfort the mother after giving birth. However, if you drink too much mint, you will surely find that there is no more milk left for you.

4. Parsley

Undeniably the benefits of parsley bring health as well as flavor in daily meals.

However, parsley is considered one of the bad foods for mothers after birth, especially with nursing mothers.

She should limit the use of foods that cause milk loss such as parsley to keep milk sources stable for healthy and tougher babies.

5. Mulberry leaf

It will come as a surprise that mulberry leaves are listed as foods that cause milk loss that mothers should avoid. Maybe my mother thought that drinking mulberry leaf water to change water daily would be good for health.

However, this is not good for mother's milk at all.

6. Cabbage - one of the "culprits" causes milk loss in the mother

The ancient folk often whispered a tip that putting cabbage leaves on the chest when blocked with milk or losing milk would help to relieve and relieve maternal pain extremely effectively.

However, overuse of cabbage will inevitably lead to the loss or reduction of breast milk significantly because at this time the cabbage has accidentally become a food that causes milk loss to be avoided.

If the mother needs to use cabbage, it is best to cover only one to two times a day.

7. Exciting drinks - foods that lose the most 'scary' milk

The use of drinks containing stimulants such as beer, wine, coffee . at the postpartum stage will inhibit the production of mother's milk, gradually reducing the amount of milk seriously.

In order to keep abundance of milk in the time of taking care of children, mothers should limit as much as possible to drink these types. All for the healthy development of your own children.

8. Fish lettuce

Some pregnant women use fish lettuce to show signs of losing their milk, and some are unaffected. Postpartum women can use it but follow up if there is a phenomenon, it is advisable to change another type of food.

9. Shrimp noodles

It is not surprising that the noodles are on this list. Because the barley component, if present in the pasta, can cause the mother to lose milk.