5 foods are more poisonous than believers, causing harm to young children without parents knowing


This may sound surprising but honey, a very nutritious food, can be extremely dangerous for children under 1 year of age. Poisoning affects a child's underdeveloped immune system and can lead to muscle weakness and breathing problems. 100 cases of neonatal poisoning occur annually involving honey.

Drinks of juice, soft drinks, and carbonated beverages

According to the guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics, children under one year should not drink canned juice, soda and carbonated drinks because they can affect the nervous system, skin and children's memory. . In addition, all three drinks do not contain vitamins or minerals.

Popcorn made of microwave

Microwave popcorn is a familiar snack for children. However, popcorn made with microwaves can release dangerous chemicals. They contain perfluorination used in fast-food wrappers, and when it accumulates too much, it can be harmful to the development of children and even to cancer.

Sweet flour, main noodles

The main ingredient contained in monosodium glutamate, the main wheat after digestion will degrade into glutamic acid. Once this substance is too high in the body, it will affect the information transmission of the nervous system. In addition, children can also suffer from zinc deficiency after eating too much MSG, main noodles.

In addition, parents should note that the brain development of the child starts from the womb, so the pregnant mother should pay attention to adequate nutrition, especially DHA supplementation. and vitamin B11. In addition, the child's eating habits should be formed from an early age, to ensure the body's alkaline and acid balance.

Instant noodles

Instant noodles are made primarily of refined flour, do not contain any essential vitamins and minerals, so there is no nutritional value but just the food provided with energy.

The main energy in shrimp noodles is fat and starch. Therefore, babies eat a lot of this food not only face the risk of nutritional imbalance, lack of fiber, vitamins, protein, minerals . but also can get belly fat due to excessive consumption of starch. .

Not only is it harmful to children's health, instant noodles can't even provide enough essential fiber because it's often made from refined flour.