5 foods to help the laxative digest well: I love you not to skip it


Excellent green leafy vegetables for children to treat digestive diseases. In every 200g of cauliflower provides 2.6g of fiber, good support for the digestive tract, reducing constipation for children.

In addition, vegetable broccoli helps reduce allergies, improves vitamin D deficiency and enhances bone density for children to develop height. This food is a great source of food for your child.


In the composition of cheeks, there are good body coolers, antiseptic disinfectants, so they are often used quite well for children on hot summer days. People often make cheek vegetables as a smoothie, make vegetables in the daily food or can sharp dry cheeks into drinking water. Therefore, parents should be able to incorporate this vegetable into their children's menu to quickly reduce constipation.

Sweet potatoes are good for the digestive system


According to traditional medicine, red amaranth has a sweet taste, cool properties, effects of detoxification heat, blood and diuretic. In amaranth contain many protid, glucide, vitamins and minerals.

In particular, the nutritional content of amaranth in iron amaranth is more than spinach, calcium is 3 times higher than many other vegetables. In addition, the content of fiber in amaranth also contributes to a good condition for constipation that is good for the digestive system of children.

Vegetable sweet potato

In the nutritional composition of sweet potatoes, a vegetable is popularly used in the daily menu because of its high nutritional content, which helps the laxative children clearly. When mothers give babies, this is also a type of vegetable that, according to folk experience, has the effect of repelling constipation very effectively.

Chops are good for the digestive system


In the composition of papaya in the food group has a very effective laxative effect. According to the study, this fruit contains a lot of natural digestive enzymes that are good for children, helping to digest food and excrete waste products from the body.

When giving papaya to mothers, it also overcomes other problems such as flatulence, heartburn and indigestion. A papaya smoothie is a source of both nutrient-rich and prevent effective constipation for children.