5 smart ways to teach children of genius families, every parent should follow

Do not scold me

Children who do not have to whip often are less depressed, have better emotional control and memory.

Violence is never effective with the behavioral and emotional development of children. Instead of recognizing their fault, they will find ways to avoid punishment or protest. These children will become liars to get what they want.

Enjoy family meals together

Scientists have concluded that regular meals with family members are directly linked to lower rates of depression, suicidal thoughts as well as adverse brain effects in adolescence. .

Children who regularly spend time with their families will have a more positive and deeper view of everything than their peers but rarely eat meals with relatives.

Let children have fun

Play is the foundation for developing intellectual, social, physical and emotional skills. When children are playing with other children, it is time for them to develop and learn skills of combining, combining ideas, attention and feelings of others.

In addition to the usual fun activities, parents should regularly let their children go out to play. Some of the good places you can take your baby to visit are museums and tourist attractions.

Exposing children to music

Many studies have shown that listening to music can help children develop memory, concentration, motivation and learning. Music also helps to reduce stress - the cause of a child's brain activation.

Learning to play some musical instruments also affects the brain's ability to think and how to make arguments - which will lay a good foundation for the development of abstract math later. Parents should let their children learn to play musical instruments early, no matter which one.

Encourage your child to exercise

Physical exercises not only make children healthier and taller but also help them develop intelligence. Exercises help regulate blood flow to the brain and regenerate brain cells.

Exercise is good for adults and especially for young children, and it has a long-lasting effect on brain development.