5-step training from the habit of yelling my

Want to teach your child good parents don't scold your child too many. Because it may cause the effect very harmful to his side. In addition to the never listen there is also leading to the pressing and inhibit on a child's accumulation will not be good for the parenting -after the mom.

First: Let's take a deep breath.

When pressing then surely you will say things that offend you. If do not want later to regret the things Miss uttered in anger come out to breathe deeply. When inhaled, and breathe out gently, you will provide enough oxygen to the brain, you will become more calm and wise ... more.

Second: think about the place making himself.

Let your mind travel to a place very far away, leaving you feeling relaxed and completely relaxed. You can imagine on a warm island, immersed in the Sun have plenty of Sun. You can believe or not, but anyway that little more can be helpful to you.

Tuesday: count to 10.

Instead, the larger the count so will make your children afraid that on fine now. You for your time to stop these stupid actions or disruptive, and also have time for yourself make your fire is boiling worshippers tub.

Fourth: share with your wife or husband, or anyone that believes the pressing in the rearing of children.

The speaking out makes you get relief and found the advice objective.

Thursday: out of the room.

Many mothers share that when everything's wrong, "I often to children in a safe and quiet place to leave a few minutes". In a short time, both mother and baby will handle his problems.=