6 help baby food safety worming

there are some foods help little worming medication without effective that parents should note. These foods are so safe that parents are easy to find., food, ...

1. Vegetable sam pinworm remedy 50 g fresh vegetable and sam rinse, add less salt to retire, squeezed of water, add little sugar to for easy drinking. Instant drink in 3-5 days. 2. Pumpkin seeds San cures, pinworm, hookworm

Remove the hard shell of peeling pumpkin seeds, raw green lining to inside. Children 3-4 years to use 30 g, young 5-7 years use 50 g, 7-10 years use 75 g pumpkin seeds kernel.

Patients taking the drug at the hungry, drink all this dose in 1 hour, lying, 3 hours after drinking bleach salt, defecation in a pot of warm water.

Use about 30-50 g pumpkin seeds pounding, drink two times per day with plenty of water, drink 7 days continuously, at hungry worming to kim.

120 g pumpkin seeds get and areca nut, ground into flour, mix well. Drink 2 times a day morning and afternoon at hungry, drink in 3-4 days to worming hooks.

Picture 1 of 6 help baby food safety worming Photo 1 of 6 help baby food safety worming

Pumpkin seeds cure worms are very effective.

3. elect Brooch cure roundworm

Results with tam can dream vote brooch amount equal, finely chopped, stir, add more flour to make a cake, cleaning up, eat early in the morning at the hunger.

4. Walk to cure roundworm

Day 7-10 g dried walk drink (buy at the drug) in the form of decoction. Drink early in the morning at hungry, drink 5 days.

5. military history Tree

Lion force tree scientific name is Quisqualis indica l., also known as the folk in the tree fruit worms, worms, result step, having the effect of baptism is roundworm. Pulverized fruit seeds use force, for children from 5-10 g. Drinking constantly for 3 days in the morning.

6. Garlic pinworm treatment

Take garlic peeling, martial arts were retired. Then, for garlic in boiling water to cool the rate of 1/10, soaked in 1-2 hours. Next, take the pickled garlic juice through the gauze filter. Finally, mix well with garlic juice chicken egg yolk. This solution uses anal DOUCHING for continuous daily from 3-5 days to pinworm treatment.

In addition, you can also use garlic crushed, mixed with spicy sesame oil or peanut oil smeared on the anus to pinworm treatment.

You need a note to limit garlic from hot, burning burns when used, you need to soak the water rate consistent with garlic.=

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