6 interesting genetic traits that children will inherit from their parents

1. Skin color

Many mothers are advised during pregnancy to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to give birth to a white baby. However, this only helps improve the quality of the skin of the child, not making them become whiter. The baby's skin color is more influenced by the father than the mother. If the father is white, the baby will be born white.

2. Cheek dimples

If a family has a dimpled family, children will have a 25-50% chance of inheriting this genetic trait. Especially if both parents own dimples, children will have the opportunity to inherit dimples up to 50-100%.

3. IQ

According to many studies, in men, the majority of intelligent genes are concentrated in X chromosomes, very rare in Y chromosomes. This uneven distribution makes men possess extremely high IQ, but There are also people with extremely low IQ. As for women, the intelligence distribution on the two X chromosomes is quite regular, so their intelligence is also more balanced, very rare cases of IQ are too low.

So, the inherited intelligence genes for boys are usually inherited from their mothers, and the genes for girls are inherited from their fathers.

4. Personality

According to a study by George Washington University, your child's personality will be formed based on the ideal personality of a parent. Therefore, parents need to build a healthy lifestyle, both good for themselves and good for their children.

5. Baldness

According to the study, the gene that regulates baldness is located on the X chromosome. So, if a man is bald, it is highly likely that the trait is inherited from his mother.

6. Ability to drive

The ability to analyze situations, reaction rates, calmness largely depends on the genome you have. At the same time, 30% of the world's population has specialized genes that determine whether they will become "highway heroes".