6 normal expressions of children but make parents worried

Sneeze and stuffy nose

For babies when sneezing or runny nose, it should be noted that this is not a sign of flu but only because the lining of the nose is not fully developed. Therefore, only a few agents from the external environment such as milk can cause your baby to sneeze or stuffy.

Sweating hands and feet

When children often sweat their hands and feet, they may be a little worried, but this is a normal sign when their bodies cannot adapt to the outside environment immediately.

Therefore, the body will regulate the body temperature through the way of exiting sweat, so the mother should note to dry the child and the temperature in the room is always stable, avoiding unexpected changes. It is not good for your baby's health.

The child yawned normally

Irregular breathing when sleeping

When babies are born, babies often breathe irregularly when they sleep, making them worried. But this is also a normal phenomenon because when babies are born, their chest is usually small, so the gas exchange process is less than the big one. In newborns, the number of respiration ranges from 40-50 times / minute, and at this time, the baby's nervous system is not fully developed, leading to the situation of unevenly worshiping babies, especially when the baby sleeps. .

Growing more or less hair

When babies are born, they can grow very little hair or hair. The fact that your baby has less hair or more hair is sometimes just hereditary or because of the mother's diet during pregnancy, while also influencing her family's genetic factors. So moms don't need to worry if this happens to them.

Children with less hair or more hair are normal

Young eyes look in one direction

At birth, many babies often have a habit of looking in one direction, they are beginning to practice observing, expanding their vision as well as being familiar with the need to feel light. Children often take a while to learn how to control muscles as well as to focus.

Milk-loving mothers do not need to worry if they notice that there is a strabismus in the first 6 months, but from the 7th month onwards, if the baby's eyes still suffer, the mother should take the baby to the doctor. doctor to be treated promptly.

Stiff limbs

During the first time when a new baby is born, she often has movements such as limb stiffness but it is only a rewarding response of the young body. In the first few months, mothers will often encounter different reflexes of their babies as startled when they encounter strong noises.

When babies are born around 3-4 months, they start to get used to the outside environment, this action will gradually disappear. If the mother does not see the baby's stretching and stretching action, the child should see a doctor.