7-month-old baby boy clenched his fist, grandmother found it strange to take to the doctor to receive the results pitiful

A mother surnamed Lam (China) has a first baby boy, 7 months old. She and her husband have just moved house so they pick up grandmother to stay with her so she can help them take care of the baby. However, after her mother-in-law, she discovered that her grandson had an expression: always holding hands.

Ms. Lin and her husband thought that it was just a normal action of children. But her mother-in-law said that this expression was extremely abnormal, so she urged her two children to take her to see a doctor. Reading the results, Ms. Lin fell to her knees, did not dare to believe her eyes, deeply hurt: Her son had cerebral palsy.

The sign of two children's hands clenched tightly, is one of the signs of congenital cerebral palsy. Because Lam and her husband did not pay attention to skip it. May have her mother discovered in time. If not, it will take a long time longer, afraid that it will be too late.

Signs of a child with congenital cerebral palsy

1. Four main signs of congenital cerebral palsy:

- A child may have spasms or stiff legs when standing.

- Children cannot control the head and neck, do not know how to tum and can not lift their heads up on their stomach.

- The child's hands are always closed tightly.

- Young hands are not able to reach objects.

2. Four additional signs:

- Babies cannot remember and recognize mother's face.

- Eating stage of children takes place extremely difficult.

- When called, asked, children do not respond promptly.

- Crying a lot, day and night after birth.

3. Some other signs:

- Soft body after childbirth.

- Children do not look at objects.

- Children do not turn their heads in noises.

- Children have seizures.