8 ways or help children develop imagination

1. Along the reading series

Small children are very imaginative. You let them read the comic book says about people in other lands, to help children expand vocabulary and images. Please select priority ones have large, colorful photos and only for children see things in it. The cage more voice depending on the personality for the character in the series is also a good way.

2. To tell the story of his young

Telling the story of fictional character you would be very helpful for the young, especially to themselves do the main characters. Once there, the children are offered a vast fantasy world, they must find a way to explain how to create the characters and the plot. Soon, children will know how to create stories and adventures of their own. The first child will copy can leave you, but certainly after this you will have to very advance the creation of them.

3. Encourage your child to participate in the fantasy game

Babies learn a lot from fantasy games, each game is an exciting adventure for the young. When "hold" a script, a games and participating in it, the baby will develop skills using Word of mouth and socialcommunication. So, let's encourage parents with small children take part in the fantasy games such as: doctors, teachers, superheroes ...

This activity not only stimulate the child's imagination that passed that help children learn different lessons about life: know how to control those feelings, sadness, fear, responsibility in the new role.

4. Don't be afraid to experiment

You encountered an older Doodle in the play, we try the baggy clothes or dance noise in the bathroom ... don't rush prevented or scold them that quietly observe from which you understand the activities promote the creativity of the child and encourages the activities there.

5. Respect and to self-determination in its choice

Let's help little flexibility, put his decisions, can start from simple things like baby clothes buffet to buy and wear every day, choose toys that baby likes ... To the larger decisions relevant to older you should also consult them and help them make the right decision.

6. Encourage creativity through art

Art is a field that requires the most creative and never stop. Help children to spread his passion by observing and listening to see your child passionate or gifted with artistic subjects would go to school kid for such as: painting, sing, dance, play music ...

Don't put your child will learn heavy to become something that let's nursery school just because babies are passionate. The environment art major will help your child develop creative abilities in the best way.

7. For a child to participate in collective activities

Each collective operations are saved in the child a lot of icons, more when taking these activities, children need to exert your imagination and your creativity can complete quests, this is very useful for improving the child's imagination. When the activity of the child are recognized or rewarded, the positive properties of these activities are promoted, and the imagination of the child will also grow strongly.

8. Limiting the time watching television

American scientists have recommended not recommended for children under 2 years old watch TV but there are many parents who are not interested in that advice. Because if watching television more vulnerable and stereotyped by images that children see, that will limit the child's imagination.

If too little excitement with a TV program, you put questions to present the baby his comments about what she saw, encourage your baby to take out as many comments as possible. Note see what makes babies like to pass that parents will understand the child, understand about the world children's icon.=