A few things to know when care twins

Twins needed the same timeline

At first this may sound difficult but you must try. As soon put twins on the framework, then your life will become easier. If the child has a different timetable, you will need more than 24 hours each day to take care of them. That will turn you into a busy mother, always sounding of 2 child Sassafras midges.

If the child after discharge with the time eating and sleeping are available, try to keep that time when you get home. That means when the child woke up to eat, let's wake the child rest and to feed them at the same time. And when it's time to go to bed, make the same coax 2 older sleep simultaneously.

Children can not go into orbit immediately, but they will learn to adapt.

For 2 baby one time

Can you give 2 baby at the same time with many different postures. You can use cotton towel folded up to the thigh (if abroad there are selling special pillows can put baby feeding to lie at the same time), and then put two horizontal front chest up baby.

Have a different posture is underarm grip two baby on either side or a kid, then clamp the armpit, a horizontal stroke baby chest also apply. Or ask for another person in the family to help reduce closing 1. You need to be patient and try many feeding posture to discover how private your mother with you.

One thing should do more as alternate side should give each baby after every feeding, especially when the demand of feeding two babies are not equal. However, somewhat difficult to each suckle you back sit right this baby first remember watching suck baby suck the other party, the parties would have to reverse, so just change every 24 hours. The purpose is to balance the amount of party change the milk secretion and avoid inflammatory breast rules. In addition, the party also is a good exercise for your baby's view was balanced.

For two baby at the same time also benefit is saving time and after the feeding is complete, you can coax your baby both sleep at the same time. Suppose the discharge, a little weaker than to lie back, at home you should have just one side at the same time feeding pump-milk from other breast milk secretion of the two activities to the breast still constantly, waiting on the other baby ready.

You do not need to map user would also buy 2 PCs

Having twins does not mean you have to buy supplies. Let's start with the room for children. When the new born, you don't need to shop take two baby cots. New born twins can sleep in a baby cot. The fact the child can sleep when there are others to sleep together. Many parents separated twins out to two private Kennel as soon as children start the set trigger and bump into each other; While some couples still to twins together in one Kennel until the child is ready to sleep in the bed.

Alternatively, you can just buy a dining table or a carpet for older games.

When shopping for twins, please reserve a diaper, diapers (because the child used a lot), towels, napkins and blankets.

Coax baby twins sleep

For the baby to go to sleep at the same time be a good habit for baby and help you to have more time to rest. If the baby has the hours of sleep, the difference in each other, they will not sleep disturbances and make peace in your life.

As for the baby to sleep, before that baby should be a warm bath, baby into bed and then tell the story, cuddle, caress, rub his back, speak whispering with the baby. If you patiently for hours under the fold, on the baby will understand "has time to sleep, to listen to me."

Should babies wrapped in blankets, diapers or better at all is in the old mother's shirt, because the scent of the mother helps the children feel comfortable, warm bed and asleep. Should not wait until the baby asleep on the set of the new crib that should put the baby in the crib when baby just sleepy nod to chicken. Nor should the baby dangling until the new baby to sleep.

The psychologists recommend for the twins to sleep together because the children will feel good if is located in General, touch each other, they even embracing each other or sucking on each other's hands. Usually in the first three months should give 2 twins sleeping in a crib, then split off but try to arrange so they still see each other although it is located separately in 2 crib.

Sexual harassment the night crying, tempted the baby before?

Usually you or to child sexual harassment are crying before that left her child lying quiet docile. The psychologist recommended that we do the opposite: i.e. must come with the baby lying ahead and check out wisdom, put them down right before, then arrived with the baby crying. The reason is because a good boy baby will feel the risk of lack of love of mother, and often the twins don't feel uncomfortable with the weeping of harassment of each other ever, so you don't have to be afraid that the baby was crying will affects its brother.

If you see a baby's natural than that?

This also often happens, especially when there is a little weaker than to the hospital, you have more time at home than the baby, you will see the baby at home. Or conversely, you see the baby sick. Once there, you should soon realize his feelings in order to balance back to your children a loving, caring. The lactation will quickly woven wire should correspond between mother and baby, the san in any way.

Twins may look the same but are 2 different individuals

An important thing to understand about the care of twins is that they are different individuals. Whether twins home exactly the same then you should not compare them with each other. Each child has strengths and weaknesses, have hobbies and own hate. You need to encourage these differences of twins to reduce to a minimum the competition and comparison.

Twins usually in reverse; they require different things from their parents. Raising twins need a lot of "section". Are the parents of twins, you can quickly learn how to handle and nurture the child.=