Add a type of Australian formula milk in VN

On 1/8/2014, JV JSC international investment (KLF) held a news conference to formally introduce the Royal dairy products-milk powder product line Ausnz senior originated from Australia (Australia)-famous national dairy industry as well as industrial processing of milk and milk products.

Joint stock company international invest-KLF held press conferences announcing product launches new milk.

According to the experts, the Royal dairy product line is Ausnz have whey protein and casein ratio at 60/40. This is the protein component features easy differentiation into small units should help children to better absorption.

Reportedly, Royal Group's brand is Ausnz GoTop-a great family in the dairy sector in Australia, with nearly 150 years of experience. Royal Ausnz has 3 lines for three different ages: children from 0-6 months, 6-12 months of age and from 12 months of age or older.

This milk is imported cans of Vietnam according to quota sugar. In Vietnam, the product test results Royal Ausnz meet the nutritional standards, levels of protein, fat, vitamins, essential minerals ... did not contain melamine, mold, no residual protection of plant, and ensure the development of small children. To affirm the quality of products, GoTop did not hesitate to buy insurance at the highest level for all the products in the category of his milk. Accordingly, the maximum insurance package with the use of products Royal Ausnz is 10 million USD. =