Baby myopia can do ... date of birth

A group of Israeli scientists of the University of Tel Aviv by TS. Iossi Mandel heads have studied medical records of 276,000 people were serving in the armed forces of this country. The doctors Ophthalmology has data analysis for measuring vision who investigated both male and female health exam during 4 years. These statistics are sufficient for the doctor to find out the cause of the disease (national people with myopia myopia up to 30%) and generalise the rules.

The texture of the most perfect optical instruments-the eyes-and the nature of the Visual light did for Israeli scientists thought, perhaps the cause of myopia is caused by the effect of the rays too strong up to the Visual system was still too weak of a newbornchild.

After collating the measurement of vision who are checking with their date of birth health, doctors confirmed that the majority of those myopia was born on the sunny month to June and most of July. Also those born in December, January, the Sun often shady and short days, the rate was also the lowest myopia. From the above data, the scientists said that the relationship can be explained as the dazzling sunshine chang of the summer on the retina of the child stable yet, do it more or less distorted, making the disease develop myopia.

Russian scientists considered it is just assumed. Ms. Irina Baradulina, ophthalmologist hospital "Vision" says: "myopia due to many causes, of which the most significant is the genetic cause and the cause of surgery. Nearsighted disease transmitted from generation to generation, even to the degree of myopia. Scientists have identified both a rule like this: those who had been dislocated always being myopia. Not least the joints that move too smoothly and flatfeet also or myopia. For should not be based on a cause, but there are many other causes had proven ".

Longer ophthalmologist Ekaterina Pavlova, eye surgery specialist by a laser beam: "If recognizes the problem according to the angle of the Sun will have the effect of preventing the disease myopia. The fact shows that in many countries the Sun in parallel, then the rate of myopia is also less than ever in the northern latitude, very short day lengths. The problem is in that low light intensity, forcing people to "eye strain" that look, meant to shorten the distance between the surface and the object. That's the basic cause of the disease appearance myopia ".

Israeli scientists are also major statistics are the other causes of acute myopia (genetics, characteristics of the profession), however they said that their conclusions are still correct. If considering the level of myopia (measured by điôp) divided into 3 levels is mild myopia (accounting for 18.8% of the people to the doctor), average (8.7%) and heavy (2.4%), then in people with mild myopia, external causes depend on birth, and other causes. With those moderate and severe myopia, the reliance on birth evident.

Finding out the cause of the disease myopia is necessary to Semidetached scientific label to find out the method of prevent-disease tend to be on the increase.

According to statistics on the whole world, just 3 people then have a person with myopia. The disease usually appears in age from 7 to 15, then, or heavy, or keep and to a certain age, custom, will start falling down.=