Being criticized for taking his child to swim in the middle of the epidemic season, Lan Phuong had a surprising response

Controversial tour of mother and daughter actor Lan Phuong

Despite her busy acting career, actress Lan Phuong always tries to arrange time to take care of her family. Recently, she happily uploaded cute photos with her daughter Lina swimming in Phu Quoc on her personal page. Those are the photos of the mother and daughter together in lovely swimsuits, for each other a happy and happy time.

However, everything is not worth mentioning, if their travel does not occur in the middle of the COVID-19 epidemic is going quite complicated. Therefore, families restrict children from traveling, especially in crowded places. Many netizens are concerned, the trip could make the mother and child infected with the virus.

Lan Phuong's unexpected response

Lan Phuong acknowledged that, before going to Phu Quoc, many people advised her not to do so, because it could endanger children and everyone. But the actress asserted that she had equipped herself with thorough knowledge.

In fact, there are only 16 people infected in Vietnam, and nearly half were cured. The remaining patients also showed no serious symptoms. At the same time, the spread of the disease is not as fast and dangerous as in your country.

Lan Phuong also added that she still kept healthy epidemic prevention habits such as washing her hands before putting them on her face. Comfortable, hard-working sports practice. Lan Phuong also did not forget to re-educate this knowledge for her children.

Lan Phuong said, she kept the habit of washing her hands before putting them on her face; cover mouth with hands, tissue when coughing, sneezing; When it is absolutely necessary to use a mask properly and still go to places where there is no epidemic, there are few people in the street so they can go as comfortable as possible.