Children 3 habits that this looks bad but not, parents do not unjustly scold

1. The child keeps on eating

Children fights are a headache for parents, especially those that are extremely unreasonable and must be equal to everything. Especially in public places, no matter what parents do, children cannot calm down, really ashamed.

However, according to science, eating, known as hysteria, often occurs in children with many causes: tired, sleepy, hungry, or want what they want. Adults can control their emotions, but the child's nervous system is so weak that it cannot be done. So instead of yelling, parents turn their attention to something else, or let them cry and calm themselves down.

2. Children continuously throw things

Continuing to throw things is a child's bad habit: toys, pens, stuffed animals, etc. or simply what makes them sore eyes. Children even cry loudly, and stop when their parents pick them up. This child's rebellion has a cause.

Firstly, their brain is incomplete. Secondly, this is a way to help children develop motor skills, flexible coordination between hands and eyes. Third, when throwing things, children will learn that, if throwing something away, it will fall. So parents do not yell at them, but patiently explain to the child, what is thrown and what is not.

3. Babies cry without cause

For children, the brain is not complete, crying like a language to inform people about their situation: it may be basic needs, emotions or what they want to say, but not how to describe it. What parents should do, not to yell at them, force them to stop crying immediately, but subtly decipher the crying of the child. At the same time, then, teach and train children how to express their feelings.