Children of each age should eat meat to grow faster, smarter than people?

Children of different ages should have a different meat diet to ensure the best nutrition for children to develop comprehensively physically and intellectually.

Children from 6 to 9 months old

When babies are 6-9 months old, mothers should feed 30 grams of meat per day.

Mom should gradually prepare suitable meats when the baby is just starting to eat. Initially when your baby is just weaning, moms should puree the meat and cook it in a powdered form. By the time babies are 9 months old, mothers can make meat balls into small balls for children to eat.

First, moms should choose red meats or animal liver to help children supplement with iron. Next, in the weaning menu can add chicken or egg yolk, finally to the shrimp and fish.

Children from 10 to 12 months old

At this stage, the mother should ensure that every day for children to eat about 50gr of meat is sufficient. Especially at this time need to strengthen training chewing function for children with meatballs or small slices. At this age, children can also eat more fish and shrimp than before, but mothers need to be careful of the risk of food allergies.

Children from 1 to 2 years old

When your child is 1 year of age or older, to meet the nutritional needs, the mother needs to increase the amount of meat in the weaning menu. Specifically every day should ensure 75gr of meat, fish and an egg. This stage is also a golden time for children to practice good habits in eating, may add just enough seasoning but still need to be frugal.

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Some notes when training children to eat meat

The way to prepare baby food for weaning is quite simple. With pork, moms just need to remove the tendons and fat and then chopped or pureed for children. With the mother chicken should take the lean meat in the breast and then boil it before grinding or chopping for children.

As for beef, is very rich in protein, so moms should give a little test first to check if your baby is allergic or not, then increase gradually.

To balance the nutrition, mothers should not feed their children completely lean meat because fat is also essential for the child's body. Mothers should add an appropriate amount of fat, not too much, just a quarter of the lean amount is sufficient to avoid the risk of children being obese.

For babies who just eat miles, pureed meat and porridge cooking is most appropriate. For older children, mothers can eat boiled meat, stir-fried meat, casseroles to increase the flavor and practice the raw ability of children.

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