Diets for young teeth are healthy

Synthetic Carbohydrates rich foods

There are lots of rice, potatoes, bread, wheat flour ... However carbohydrates can cause tooth decay because it is the source of energy for us as well as for the bacteria, so you should eat some dairy foods (especially cheese) and eating foods containing group of chemicals called sugar alcohol (such as bananas, oats, corn, strawberries and gum, xylitol) in most of the meal because they can prevent tooth decay and provide nutrients to nourish and restore the tooth.

Eat more foods rich in calcium

Because calcium is an essential nutrient for bone and teeth, healthy development. If children lack courage-xi at the stage of formation of the enamel and dentine will make teeth brittle and prone to fracture, bacteria attack;

In children, due to the amount of calcium reserves not much by adults should need to supplement daily. Calcium needs in children below seven years old is 500 mg/day and of the child under 11 years is 700 mg/day. Therefore, you need calcium supplements on a daily diet of babies reasonable freely available:

During pregnancy, you need calcium supplements with calcium-rich foods (shrimp, crab, seafood, ...) and calcium milk, the drink to the fetus to absorb calcium from the mother body, Yes;

When the baby has just died: You need the full nutrients and eating of course can not lack of calcium-rich foods, this baby body luýc will be absorbed calcium nutrients from breast milk .;

When 5-6 month old baby: at this time, the baby begins to grow the first milk tooth: You continue feeding with breast milk and added into the diet of chips of baby formula milk contains calcium and some calcium-rich food, Yes;

When the baby per 1 age: You need for baby milk contains calcium supplement daily for little calcium rich foods especially raw milk, cream or yogurt is rich in beneficial probiotic helps limit cavities and gingivitis for your baby. Moreover the nutrients also help baby love grow tall very effectively.

The calcium-rich foods include: milk, soy milk, nutrition of vegetables such as mustard, cabbage, CHOY, seafood such as small fish can eat all the bones, crayfish, clams, snails, ngêu, steel trap, shrimp, crab, ...

Foods rich in vitaminC, vitamin D, vitamin E and B1

Vitamin D is the indispensable nutrient in the process of absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the small intestine at the same time it also participated in the process of consolidating, create density, tensile strength for teeth very efficiently. With teeth, if vitamin D deficiency, baby teeth will grow poorly as soft teeth, grows slowly, vẩu teeth and buckets of deviation, influence to the beauty of the baby. Vitamin D is mainly in foods of animal origin such as raw milk, liver salmon, mackerel, tuna, egg yolks, yogurt, pork and sunlight;

Vitamin C is involved in the process of formation, regeneration and strengthens the tooth cells. Vitamin C has many in the food such as green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, tubers, grains, sweet potatoes, .... You may be feeding this food immediately when the baby begins to eat the miles.

Vitamin B1 has the effect of consolidation, making sure the teeth, chipped tooth very effectively. Vitamins of pork, chicken, duck eggs, green, raw grains of rice. However, when the processing of the foods you should be feeding immediately after processing, the fan base goes warmup fodder will cause vitamin B1 is lost.

Vitamin E has a lot in plant oils such as sesame oil, soy oil and in some kinds of vegetables such as amaranth, bulbs of Kohlrabi ... Vitamin E is also a contribution to maintaining the health of teeth.

Foods containing flour

Quality flour can infuse into the enamel of teeth makes sure than the stiff, preventing the destruction of acid in food, thereby avoiding cavities, worn tooth stock;

The feed rich flour include fish, liver, eggs, fresh milk. When the big baby, you can give your baby to drink a glass of green tea every day because of the thinning out of green tea containing a chemical that helps limit the formation of tartar.

But you should also note the baby should not drink green tea for special or use mouthwash with flour, it will make your baby teeth are stained. The level of flour allows is 5 mg/1 litre you.=